Life sucks

Life sucks when :

someone who has worked all her/his life and was about to retire and enjoy life, get a terminal disease and have to spend all the savings on medical fees.

Life sucks when :

someone has a wife and young children who depend 100% on him to bring back foods and comfort to the family, has a critical illness and he has to spent a lot of money to try and make himself strong again, and he dies too.

Life sucks when :

someone who just achieve grandma status and was about to enjoy dotting and pampering the grandchild, and that someone too has a disease that made her totally unable to move and had to be taken care like a baby.

Life sucks when :

you are not even 20 years and you lost your whole leg because it has to be amputated to try to save you. You may not die yet but what’s the future like?

Life sucks when :

you are so positive that you can win the fight and the next day, your brain doesn’t work so well and your internal organs bleed and you die too.

Life sucks when :

you are the parent and you can only watch helplessly as your child endure pains that cannot be ease with medicines.

Life sucks when :

you are at your prime in your career, relationship and everything is taken away because you woke up and cannot walk and end up with serious illness.

Life sucks, really sucks.

So, if yours is not as bad as the above real life examples, (and there are even more examples) stop complaining already! So what you don’t get the year end bonus or promotion? So what you have to wake up early to go to school to face boring lessons? So what your child is not as smart as your neighbour? So what you cannot own a Mini Cooper? So what you got thunder thighs? So what you don’t have enough money to go Para Para Sakura in Japan? So what? It is not a big deal as long as you have good health, loving families, good friends and two legs and two hands.

Say thank you already. To your God. Not me. I am only rambling….

21 thoughts on “Life sucks

  1. Very true Lilian, whatever happens we need to be thankful for what the good Lord has provided us in his plans even though it doesn’t seemed matching ours. Whenever I am in a situation, the thoughts,”HE has NEVER forsaken me so far, and NEVER will” is most encouraging, assuring and good enough for me to have a good night sleep.

  2. Getting things that is desired by one is what I called human program 🙂 Anyway, less complain already this days, beside Streamyx only.

  3. I thought life sucks too when I was rob of my career in my prime due to RA (rheumatoid arthritis) but now I am thankful I am still much better off than those who are more critically ill eventhough I have my disabilities and painful moments. We should appreciate life as long as we live.

  4. I agree with what you posted without a doubt.

    However, it was these dissatisfactions that led to further advancements. If there isn’t any discontentment, there won’t be any room for improvement.

  5. Yea, I always thank God for what I have now. Besides, I hantam a lot on insurance, at least die also die at a good price. LoL…

  6. Bingo!! Spot on!!

    Focus on the positives, not the negatives. Learn to be happy with what you have, and not dwell on what you don’t have. 😉

    Be grateful, life could have dealt a worse set of cards…

  7. Life sucks when you are a Muslim caught drinking alcohol and punished with 6 strokes of the rotan whereas an ex-Minister who got drunk and accused of molesting get scot free…

  8. I have to agree with Kadusmama…must learn to stop complaining as there are many more situation worse than what we are facing…

  9. But 5xmom, once in a while I need that pampering or spending on silly things lah! Otherwise ahh, work work work no play make toolan fella pain in the arse lah!
    Wouldn’t you mind once in a while pampering yourself say a new Mac(I-Book) or a new handphone etc etc……2 carat diamond ring?? He he he….
    Human nature lah……..

  10. true, well said!!! Thanks for reminding me =) thank the Lord every single day that u are well and alive…as well as ur family members.

  11. I am sure God has plan for everyone of us. Life may sux at certain point of time for the better future. Sometimes he just want us to go through phrases of life and be a better us.

  12. Saya bersalah. I was complaining how I am dying with so many assignments throwing at my head and all those crazily packed class schedule. It’s true that we often let our problems cover everything else in this world. We make our problems seem so big, we forgot that we are very lucky in many ways and we ought to be thankful for that.

    Thank you 5xMom (i dare not call you aunty cause I don’t know if people like it). =)

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