Go over and read this article on The New York Times.

They say Penang is one of the 44 places to go in 2009.

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And OMG, I thought I see wrongly but they quoted my Penang Foods blog in the article on Penang, describing our Penang foods.

Traffic spike!

Been noted by The New York Times.

Ngo duck jor….

Ngo hou sai lek ler….

Mr. CM of Penang, faster gimme Latuk award already. Hiakss….hiaksss….hiaksss….

Anyway, on a serious note, I hope all our politicians will stop squabbling on the KT election and get back to work for the rakyats. Every time there is an erection, I mean election, the BN and PR politicians stopped everything and go squat at that location for weeks. If hari-hari got one or two elected MP or ADun sell salted eggs or kena hacked by gangsta, our whole country mah standstill and no need to function liao lor? Here campaign, there campaign……You say correct or not? Hari-hari flip through the papers, it is none other than the KT gaduh-gaduh. Or the Gaza. As if we have no other problems or no other wars in the world. Sheeeshhh…