I am very sleepy

The Citizen Journalism course starts this Saturday. It is on both Saturday and Sunday and will go on till March. The time is from 9.30 am till 5.30 pm. Arrggh…I haven’t been ‘tied up’ in a classroom for that number of hours since I was in my teens. I know I mentioned about withdrawing earlier because this year, I also have to attend several session of courses run by my church for catechism teachers.

However, the organizer changed the dates and I found out that the classes on Citizen Journalism do not clash with one in my church. So, I can attend both without skipping any classes. The course on citizen journalism will help me to be a better blogger because they are getting several top notch guys to give the lectures and some professional videographers are going to teach us video editing as well.

Looking at the calendar, I am wondering if I even have time to do any blogging at all. Since school started, I don’t have any more late mornings where I can wake up at 11 am. How I missed those days when I could sleep till the sun shines on me, burning me and making me dream that I am on a beach holiday.

Now, I have to do what every one of you do. Early to bed, early to rise. I don’t like that. Boring….. I like going to bed at 3 am and wake up at 11 am. When I am sleep deprived, my mind doesn’t seem to have any evil thoughts to share on my blog.

So, good night folks. I am going to sleep, cuddling up to my memory foam pillow. In case you do not know, it is one of those things that is more expensive than regular pillows but I feel wicked spending money on it. How I wish I can afford the memory foam mattress as well. But no, it costs as much as an old car! No joke. Whenever we go to the furniture shop to buy some furniture, my children will head to the memory foam section and fondle and molest those super expensive memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattress is like the latest in-thing to own because of the comfort. It is call memory foam because it remembers the curves of your body. How sexy!

I have a long day ahead, with visit to my in-law in the hospital, funeral to attend at another in-law, Chinese New Year shopping, baking cookies and getting to know my new laptop! Yes, I bought a new laptop. But erm…I forgot the model number ‘cos I just got it back from the shop.


14 thoughts on “I am very sleepy

  1. “my mind doesn’t seem to have any evil thoughts to share on my blog” :rotfl:

    Seems like we share the same sleeping pattern and lifestyle!

  2. issy – Regular routine sucks the evilness out of me. LOL.

    terence – I thot they give only one type of pillow in Kamunting mah?

  3. Glad that you finally decided to go for it. At least you can update us with lots of nice nice photos and video clips…..
    Janganlah slow down on blogging. What you can do is, just do short and frequent posts with lots of photos lor. I enjoy reading those types of blogs than lengthy, wordy ones. All the best!

  4. kadusmama – Like contour pillow but it is very soft. Akemi pun ada, about seratus ringgit duit kita.

    domino – Pictures I got plenty lah but I like wordy wordy post also. Brain no juice so cannot crap.

    julian – Tks for that info. I only eat buckwheat noodle in Japanese restaurants, never know it can make pillow too.

  5. I would need a memory school bag instead of a memory foam pillow. My #2 forgot to bring back his school bag. Memory school bag would have a funtion to remind him to bring it bag.

  6. agnes – Hahaha, forget to bring school bag to school, I kena many times. In fact, first week only, already I forgot to bring down to the car, went out of the guard house and my kid only reminded me. But forget to bring home, you beat me to it.

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