Pictorial Penang, you say?

Domino says, “Janganlah slow down on blogging. What you can do is, just do short and frequent posts with lots of photos lor.” So, here are the bunch of photos I took today.


Georgetown, Penang is actually quite a slum area. The tallest building in Penang is of course the Komtar building. But Komtar is not surrounded by gleaming, modern buildings like KLCC. Instead, it is surrounded by slum areas and broken prewar buildings. Not that we are complaining because all these old buildings, traditional industries and quaint, ancient buildings with toothless centenarians are what give the island its signature charm, i.e. Orient lure.



I know I just made Komtar into another Leaning Tower of Pisa because of the faulty chip in my brain where I captured every photo senget senget wan. Eventhough this new camera has grid lines, I still managed to capture senget horizon, senget building and senget everything.

Enough about the city. On with the foods.


Momo, this is kau sah jee 932. Keat laa suey boey. Very nice wan. Next time go kopitiam, remember to act cool and say, “kau sah jee peng jit ou”.

homemade siu mai
(this is before steaming, so it looks dry, the orange thing is the salted egg and the black one is century egg. I have to identify cos #2 is allergic to prawns so one with prawn, one no prawn)

And this is the siew mai I just made. The problem with me, being a food blogger is when people see foods, they see foods and they eat the foods. But me? When I see foods, I see potential, money, blog post, #1 on the world search results, lots of traffic…….

I made the siew mai because on the wantan package, they show siew mai as the serving suggestion photo. My little boy said, “Mommy, why you no make the siew mai like they show on the package?” Now, I have an extra post on siew mai recipe.

Okie, I am going to some funeral wake now. I hope they serve nice nice hawker foods like red bean soup, char bee hoon and other good foods. Nowadays, in Penang, if people die hor, they don’t just die. Their family also must make sure they get the best caterer to provide supper for those who come to the funeral wake. Those rich families even have buffets. Haiyor, likedis, I every night go find one funeral wake to visit, I no need to spend money buy meals hor?

BTW hor, the moral of the story of not marrying too many wives is, when you die hor, you better make sure you give equal distribution of your properties. Otherwise hor, those children who get lesser portion, they skali don’t want to attend your funeral wan. So, if you think you are ‘hang fook’ (happy) with 20 children from four wives, think again.

12 thoughts on “Pictorial Penang, you say?

  1. Wah, I must hurry hurry to kopitiam and order this special drink …. I will surely say ‘kau sah jee peng chit ou’.

  2. Nice photos. I also have this senget problem when I take photos of buildings.

    Of beloved Komtar, I still remember my friends in Penang who wish to take me up there so that they can scare the sh*t out of me…

    The view of Komtar from the old part of Georgetown is like the view of KLCC from Kampung Baru in KL. The mix of modern and “slum”.

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Some Gears…

  3. angie – But from Komtar, all also old buildings, very nice wan.

    terence – Yes kah? Where where where?

    momo – This is nicer than the old old lingmong chui wor.

  4. Thanks for the photos. It has been more than 10 years since I visited Penang. Plan to make a trip this year with my two girls. Definitely will try out the drink – ‘kau sah jee peng chit ou’. Hope they can understand my Hokkien..with slang one.

    If don’t catch you before the start of the year of the Ox, Kung Hei Fatt Choy!

  5. This is what makes Penang so “visitable” coz when I do get a chance to go there, it brings back many of the “old feel”, that reminiscence of our “little boy” days running around the street corner and chasing after the old ice-cream man on his bicycle. You know those care free days!

    Anyway, next week we will be welcoming Year of the Ox so Gong Xi Fatt Choy to you and your family.

  6. Lilian, I have the same thoughts as Angie. I wouldn’t mind if photos are taken about Komtar from old monuments but taking photos of Komtar from a run-down area just simply shows a neglect!

    boon kheng´s last blog post..Waited for long

  7. 9pek9bo – Yes, keat lah but the keat lah is pickled like lemon type. However, they packaged the brand to 932. Very cool likedat when you order. Shout loud loud kau sah jee peng

    boon kheng – Where got neglect lah. So nice mah, got flower plants somemore. Some of these old building hard to maintain nicely but people still living there comfortably. However, there are those Gerakan stronghold (now no more lah) where the place is like a rubbish dump.

    toolan – When I have time, I am going to the chinatown area and take more pics. Chinese New Year is the best time to visit.

    chairmaine – Thanks! Keong Hee Huat Chye to you too

    bryan – My life not so happening I put pikchures, people fall asleep lor.

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