A lesson on script writing, right here, right now

Actually, I am sneaking in to blog while watching a video on Nanking.  We are learning script writing now.  There are 25 of us in the course held here at Aliran.


It is 12 noon and I have absorbed 3 hours of Citizen Journalism lesson along with these 24 people, many of them who are passionate about social issues.  It looks like an interesting 8 days course.


I better get back to my lesson now.

One thought on “A lesson on script writing, right here, right now

  1. You watched Nanking Massacre? I pinjam the DVD from my aunt and the whole family watched it during CNY last year. wasnt exactly a great family movie or whatsoever but the documentary made us learn a lot of things about the past..

    sue me´s last blog post..Sometimes I Do Love My Life

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