14 thoughts on “Yes! They lost! Whoopee! (malaysiakini official result)

  1. Yes…….Carlsberg time…..again……..feels a little like 03/08 even I didn’t quite follow this particular by-elections but this is another good slap to BN’s face!
    According to MK, Najib did not even show up last night(he was suppose to lah). So, the rumours now is come next GE, BN will be obliterated, wipe out from existence………I guess Malaysia REALLY BOLEH!

  2. i think i read somewhere in the paper today, they said BN is STILL the best!? The best loser kot..

  3. At every election, the party that lost alway has one important announcement:

    A post-mortem will be done to determine the causes.

    I have often said, one has to be honest to oneself. If one cannot be honest even to himself, how could one be honest to other?

    The causes are very clear to all people; Malaysian and the world. They honestly know!

    Don’t you think a party could easily win by honestly following the truth, the way and the life?

    Now, what are the truths, the way and the life?

  4. The people definite want a good change, and d bn stil cant accept it,the bn are too corrupt,too abuse of power, even at a stage of involving our police forces into political scenerio,this tangkap,that tangkap, sikit tangkap,betul for rakyat tangkap,salah tangkap,this give the rakyat a very bad impression that the police are not concentrating on tangkap perompak,samun,pencuri and pembunuh and etc.THE POLICE BOSS MUST HAVE A GOOD DES CREATION.# tepok dada tanya selera# :shout: :shout:


  5. When the Bee Net lost,Always made announcement: A post-mortem will be done to determine the causes…
    Please lah , be more realistic, sudah tahu mah,…
    Kalau tak tahu lagi, hanya itu alasan nya,May B 51 tahun sudah tua ,senile …..nyayok…..

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