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You know ah…..it doesn’t take a financial wizard to tell us something is wrong with the economy. You just need to go to the shopping malls and you can tell how good the ‘keng che, siu huan, hang cheng tang ‘ (something like economy lah) is. Just compare how people shopped in the previous years with their spending habits this year. Maybe, over here in Penang where most are from the factories are feeling the pinch already. Many factories shut down and employees have to take no pay leave.

sunshine farlim

Recently, the new Sunshine Farlim opens and surprisingly, there is no madness going on there. Just more crowded than usual but no war zone kind of shoppers mob. Same with Tesco too. People seem to be more cautious. No more trolleys load of beers and expensive stuffs. BTW, the black bottle Carlsberg Gold is nice ler.

But then, eheh, my family also didn’t bother with new sets of clothes, new pajamas, new shoes, new underwears, new bedsheets kind of newness shopping. So long as everyone has a new set of clothes on the first day of Chinese New Year, good enough already.


I have survived 2 days, 8 hours course on Scriptwriting and have learnt how to prepare scripts for video. It is a lot of fun for me because being a blogger means I can crap much easier than those who aren’t. Bloggers tend to be more creative. I can hear sounds, see images and crap about it.


This is where I sit in the last two days and there are more lessons coming. The course lasts till March. Being able to bring our laptop and provided with wifi certainly makes killing 8 hours much easier. I get to work on the assignments, snitch some time to MSN, update Facebook and blog too! Do you know who is in that poster on the wall? My hero! Hehehe.

kfc cheesy wedges

After the two days intensive lesson in class, I am zonked out. So, KFC cheezy wedges sound like a good option. But my kids took all the pieces (while I was taking photo) and they left only one piece for me. I pretended to cry and my little boy who ate almost all the pieces told me, “Mommy, you so fat already, no need to eat anymore.”

Another week and it is Gong Xi Fa Cai lor. I am looking forward to carry all three of my nephews and niece on this Chinese New Year. Woohoo! I will only start to plan what to cook for Chinese New Year after Wednesday. I sau koong (from my volunteer thingie) on Wednesday mah…

So what are your plans for CNY?

16 thoughts on “Mindless ramblings

  1. They are selling Carlsberg(green) at Tesco really cheap.

    I am going to Hatyai during CNY. Its the only time work actually stops.

    Do you know why your hero posed like that? He was looking and admiring me. Bwahahaha!!!

  2. terence – I also want to go Hatyai. Eh, got hotel somemore ah? Book for me.

    Chey, dun perasan lah. You just had sex change or what lah? He turned the other way cos he malu to stare at me lah tiu.

  3. kwoonzz – You go see my food blogs, I got a list of easy foods to prepare.

    Bryan – Don’t forget the puak keow, very important one. Hehehe.

  4. In KL, I don’t feel the atmosphere of this coming Chinese New Year. DBKL is supposed to hang those colourful lights and lanterns in the streets but I see KL like her usual days only?

    Furthermore, some CNY wishes can no longer be uttered due to pronunciation resemblance. LOL.

    boon kheng´s last blog post..Yes! They lost

  5. quote – I pretended to cry and my little boy who ate almost all the pieces told me, “Mommy, you so fat already, no need to eat anymore.”

    Lilian, you really teach your kids about honesty is the best policy hor? I can see that they’re really good at it, but occasionally gik sam also right? hahaha.

    Robb´s last blog post..Fuck Buddies

  6. aiyo, your kids so cute ler, i think cos they have a cute mommy. i always laugh reading your blog.. hehe..

  7. Pokku – Wah, I am so honoured to get Pokku’s help. I will definitely keep that in mind. Now, I still in kindergarten stage, so tak berani refer to Sifu Pokku yet. Thanks a lot!

    kadusmama – Hahaha, it is the cheapest piece mah. Cos Chinese must have at least a new piece of clothing wor.

    eveleen – Thanks

    Muteaudio – Belum lagi, homework tak siap lagi. But thanks a lot for the offer. Adui, later my course mates kata ‘Wuah, she got offer for help from the experts, mesti lah….’.

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