Sebijik semacam

For Chinese New Year, I wanted to buy ‘twin clothings’ for hubby and my youngest boy. However, after several shops, we cannot find anything that comes in pair.


The above Mr. Men t-shirts are from Bossini. Too bad the child’s size is too small for my little boy. And the other older boys said, “Haiyor, the Mr. Men’s landed on such a weird position.” So, we didn’t buy. But thanks to Bossini for the photo.

The two brothers look so much alike. Like ‘ang koo in’ or kueh’s mould.


Queensbay Mall car park is quite full but funnily enough, the shops aren’t doing very brisk business. I read that 45,000 people will be out of job after Chinese New Year. And I heard that many people, including some of my relatives who work in the factories in Penang have to take 2 weeks unpaid leave.


More sebijik semacam photos.

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