I miss….

1) Black Cat sparklers. In case you don’t know, it is those wire stick that gives sparks.

2) Teik Chu – It is those tiny, screeching firecrackers on a bamboo stick, like joss stick type.

3) …… 9 feet long red firecrackers. I used to light those on CNY when the lion dance troop finished dancing in my house.

4) All kind of fireworks like the chicken laid an egg type.

(this is our loots in 2005 CNY)

5) Cola and bola bomb which is a tiny, plastic bottle/ball type of firecrackers

6) Triangle piece of paper wrapped firecrackers that give really loud boom. I kena once on a beach in Koh Samui. It was just a tiny piece of triangle and I thought, chey, so small only, come I light it. BOOM, niamah, shit also can come out kind of loud.

7) Those crazy Thais coconut firecracker that is made of ceramic pot kind of material. Wuah, this one kena can go blind. We never buy this but have seen the Thais played with it.

(this photo was taken in January 2005)

8) Those fireworks that went really high with multi-colour fire

And I think I better go find some this year. We were just in the car, having a chat.

Me : Matthew, Chinese New Year we play firecrackers, want?

#5 : Don’t want….I scared…..

Big brothers : Ma!!! Cham!!!!!! Ah Kua liao!!!!! We must go find tonight.

#5 : I want fireworks, don’t want loud loud bomb.

Sigh….times have changed. Gone where the days in the kampung when my neigbours and brothers played homemade mercun buluh, made of bamboo. Then, in the 90s, my two older children normally get to play with a lot of fireworks and firecrackers. Sometimes, we spent a few hundred RM just for that indulgence. Now? We pokkai and also it is illegal already.

Remember hor? Do not play with fire. You can get burn. Just go listen to your Chao Ah Kua firecrackers sound effect on stereo.