Of left, right, lost and ber-siesta-ing

My Naza came back from the mechanic after four months. Nowadays, I have to switch between driving the Naza and Persona. Sometimes, I drove one car, parked and when I come out, it is another car because my hubby came by, took the Persona and left the Naza for me. We avoid driving the stupid, big gray tank around town as it is so bulky, clumsy and a petrol guzzler.

All these switching are driving me nuts because the two cars have different sides of signal light and wiper. Oh how many times have I turned on the wiper when I wanted to indicate I am turning. I got honked today because I did that. The driver in the van behind me must be cursing, “Stoopid woman, want to turn, never show the signal. No rain, no water, she go and turn on the wipers for what lah.”

Anyway, these few weeks, I have gone to my volunteer work earlier than usual because I sent my son to kindie at 9 am. So, I took slow drive from the Vale of Temp. I seriously lack something in my brain because I keep getting lost in those mazes of houses. I ended up at dead ends, rubbish dumps and once, I even drove out to the main road again by mistake. The hospital does have road signs but I chose not to follow it because I want to know if there are shorter short cuts.

While driving around to find my way back to the correct road to the hospital, I realised how similar our lives are with this getting lost business. I thought I have a brilliant theory but now, I have forgotten how to phrase it. Maybe next time, I should start recording my own voice, talking to my own self.

I am glad today is Wednesday. It means I can now fully concentrate on preparing for Chinese New Year since I don’t do volunteer work on Thursday. My sisters-in-law have hinted about coming to my place for their CNY gathering. I have not committed to them but the hint is too loud to pretend not to hear.

This means, I cannot ber-siesta-ing every afternoon, taking long naps in cold, aircond bedroom anymore. From now, until CNY, I have to bertungkus-lumus doing Chinese New Year stuffs like marketing, more marketing, fighting with housewives for the best fishes and prawns and those bleh things we married women have to pretend to like. Blek, blek, blek.

BTW, I sipeh tulan see Lillian Too on TV with her ‘like real’ fengshui tips. Niamah, she got every figurines to sell for every problems. Like she can offer remedies for every farking problems in our lives. I cannot believe that I actually believed that sei fei por many years ago. Wutudo…humans are so gullible.

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  1. never believe in FSui, never hav done and never will. I believe more in myself.
    If FSui really works, has anyone done a proper controlled double blind randomised study to confirm it? it’s like reading yr horoscope or have yr palm read by ah pek….

    JT´s last blog post..Go manual – The SUNNY F/16 rule

  2. Arabian Christians use Allah to refer God because it is the word for god in Arabic. So if Christians in Malaysia also want to use the Arabic word to God there shouldn’t be any problem as Muslims believe that Muslims, Jews and Christians all pray to the same God.

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  3. Hmmm, that reminds me I too have to find time to drop by at my parents place to help them clean up the ancestral and “gods” table. This is the usual chores I have to do every CNY, I wonder if people out there still help their parents with this?
    I better train my eldest boy to take over soon too, we are not getting young(physically) these days even though the mind seem to think otherwise sometimes!
    Wife already busy making pineapple tarts and all sort of cookies…..so I guess you and your sister are about to “burn the kitchen” so to speak lah……enjoy and have a good one! Happy CNY!

  4. toolan – 24th day of 12th moon, you bathed your kuan yin ah? Remember the tneeh kueh to bribe kitchen god also hor?

    JT – I don’t mind the fengshui part but this woman hor, she is selling things for every problems, that’s what I am tulan with. She will go ‘people born in the year of the rat’, buy this. People who wants luck, buy this…Niamah.

  5. yeah, feel like an idiot, flapping the wipers at every junction, and then panic some more, the quickly flap the indicator. hahaha… i know how it’s like.

    Re liliantoo,, every animal, every year also got problem one .. then every year also we have to spend $$$ visiting the WOFS !

  6. Lilian, is it not amazing, that while Lillian Too ‘preached’ about Feng Shui, we believe in the Master Who can control feng and shui? LOL!

    What kind of Man is (Jesus), that even the wind (feng) and the sea (shui) obey Him? – Matthew 8:27

    I never liked Lillian Too. Even during the time I was still a Buddhist. She ‘preached’ as if anything can be solved at the superficial level.

    David C.´s last blog post..Today is a good day to fight

  7. i thought i was the only one who thought her ‘so-called’ problem solving figurines bunch of nonsense. those things look pretty expensive…and i hv seen one or two in my chinese frens’ homes.

  8. I too having the same problem with you. My hubby’s Chevrolet Captiva has the signal on the left hand side and my Honda Civic has it the other way round. I always get confused too. hihihi… Now I know I am not alone having this problem.
    If I am not wrong, Lillian Too is a divorcee, right? Can’t her fengshui helps with her marriage?

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  9. Recently, the Star did a small write-up about how certain species of orchids are becoming “ong” this CNY supposedly bringing good luck and prosperity to the owners. What a load of bull. I just don’t know why people still believe in all these mumbo-jumbo. Buying orchids don’t make you wealthy. It makes the orchid farmers wealthy. Period.

    pablopabla´s last blog post..Ah Chong, Ali and Muthu

  10. Is it, 24th day ah…I really didn’t know that but I just gave her a bath this afternoon loh, I hope she is happy when she returns back lah. Water with leaves from lime tree(or is it lemon tree?). Anyway, it’s clean and so is the rest of the candle holders(sparkling) and incense pot(sparkling too).
    As for the tnee kueh, ya lor, every year also put a big slab for them one, keep them quiet mah! After that, I also get to eat mah, goreng with flour and yam…..damn syok!(with a can of carlsberg to wash it down).
    Well, thanks for the tips…..maybe this will work better than Lilian Too gimmicks.
    Happy CNY!

  11. PABLOPABLA – Ya, just like buying feng shui thingie from WOFS may not solve your problems or bring you good luck but it will definitely make LT prosper.

  12. It’s good entertainment if you just talk about on TV shows but the way she’s gone, expensive figurines, specialized magazines & other crap – she’s no better than the proverbial snakeoil salesman. Grandpa always say beware – sharks,crocodiles, cowboys abound out there.

  13. Domino : Some Feng Shui Masters say the year 2009 is gonna be challenging with lots of obstacles especially finance. Kanasai! Who in the world doesn’t know that? But of course, they will prescribe certain things like changing position of or buying furniture this and that. If only life is that simple…

    pablopabla´s last blog post..Ah Chong, Ali and Muthu

  14. u must buy gps or in uk they call tom tom, where u just type where u wan go..then the voice of the gps (can choose handsome macho man voice or yoda), will say…TURN LEFT here…to…..HIGHWAY

    then ma never get lost lo

    lex´s last blog post..eco friendly

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