Bitten by the Chinese New Year bug yet?

I took my DSLR to the morning market in Jalan Air Itam this morning. The morning market is very chaotic, very crowded but it is something very unique. Hence it is worth it to jostle with the crowds, weave along with the heavy traffic and buy some stuffs a long the way.

fruit stall

Even the fruit stall’s owner know that we are living in the internet age. Someone asked me which newspaper company I am from. I jokingly told him that nowadays, ‘Lang bo si kia poh jua liao’ (meaning, people nowdays don’t fancy newspapers anymore). So, the gentleman told this person, ‘Tong kim kah liao khi internet eh.’ (nowadays, all go up internet one) I answered, “Si lor, chuan say kai pun eh kua lu lang” (the whole world will also see you guys). So, they quickly posed for me. (in another photo)


The morning market is one of the most interesting place to visit. You get to see sexy g-strings that is not even large enough to cover your nose, you see snakes and tortoises waiting to be killed as foods, you see all kinds of foods and lots of herbs and stuffs from the kampungs.

kek lok si

Hubby and I walked the whole stretch of Jalan Air Itam, from the Kek Lok Si temple down to the Jalan Kampong Pisang area. We spent one and half hours there and now, I am bitten by the Chinese New Year bug. On the first day of Chinese New Year, I am preparing brunch for my in-laws’ side. There are about 30-40 people.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, my siblings and I are going to gather for dinner. I look forward to all the cooking and menu planning.

prayers cups and plates

The above are all the plastic cups and plates used for offering tea and foods to ancestors and the Chinese gods. I remembered the times when I used to bath the kuan yin at home with Florida water (a fragrant water call ‘ko long chooi’) with seven different colour of flowers. That is after I had ‘sent’ her and my kitchen god back to heaven by burning some ‘green passport’. Then, I would buy all those lucky fruits like pumpkin, pineapple, keat la or calamansi lime, hor lor and etc to place on the altar.

Now, I don’t do that anymore but still, Chinese New Year is a very exciting time for me because I get to do some hardcore baking, cooking, gathering, meeting up with the families and of course, the eating part.

dried seafoods stall

Since hubby and I are the youngest in both our families, I guess it is important for us to keep the family tradition left by my parents-in-law to get the family together each CNY. The siblings-in-law are all getting older each year and sadly, once in a few years, some members will be missing (as in passing away) but then, there are new members born too.

So….are you bitten by the Chinese New Year bug yet?

6 thoughts on “Bitten by the Chinese New Year bug yet?

  1. I was bitten by the CNY bug until … just now.

    I was in Farlim just now, went to the Sunshine supermarket, and found out that it has moved.

    And … that boy selling lottery at the entrance – most people would know who I talk about, that physically disabled boy on wheelchair, selling lottery tickets at the entrance of Sunshine Farlim – that boy is still at the OLD place.

    When I asked him why he is still there and not move to that new building, he cried.

    It turns out that the *new* Sunshine Farlim doesn’t allow him to sell lottery tickets there !!

    That ruins my CNY spirit, man. Completely ruined it.

    Although the boy is crippled, he doesn’t depend on charity handouts. He made his money selling lottery tickets, and now, he is not allowed to go to the new Sunshine Farlim to sell.

    Craps !!

  2. Me and hubby are both youngest in our families too We’re all spoilt brats. Hahaha.
    Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year. Eh, write lah a post about menu planning and cooking for large numbers. I oso want to know.

  3. HI, Lilian. I have been reading your post for quite some time but never leave any comments…until…i realised that you stepped into my “dei tao” (area) without asking my permission! Just kidding…haha. I am actually staying within the market area, same row with the bakery shops (i guest u know which one, right?).

    Happy CNY to u, ur lou kong & all ur boys.

  4. few days left only got bitten by the bug…earlier was totally no “feel” yet.Air Itam market is a hectic place but lots of people just loves to shop there.
    Happy CNY to you and your loved ones! 🙂

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