Pak Lah – Please tell your cops to get their priority right! (malaysiakini news on Kugan)

I am enraged. I am very angry. I feel helpless.

I picked up the news from Malaysiakini that “Cops to quiz deputy ministers over morgue barging”. And I was like WTF? They are trying to get the Deputy Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department T Murugiah and SK Devamany over this case? Don’t they see that the priority is to immediately get to their own cops first? What has happened? How did Kugan get those scars and bleeding wounds?

I am very, very disgusted with how our authorities treat grieving families. They are heartless, they are arrogant and they look like they have something to hide. So many times, we have heard of families being denied from being with their deceased loved ones. This is especially so in those conversion cases. And in this case, Kugan.

To those of you who didn’t read the news, Kugan was under police custody for several days over suspected car thefts. And Kugan died during interrogation, said to be due to liquid in the lungs.

Naturally, the family is distraught with the death of their son. They went into the morgue, only to find the body covered with bruises. Kugan was foaming in the mouth, blood was oozing out, his back has marks that look like chain marks and some wounds were bleeding. His wrists were bloodied too. His feet were swollen.

And the two Deputy Ministers who went there to calm the situation are now being questioned for ‘barging into morgue’???????? Don’t you think something is seriously very, very wrong with our police force?

The way I see it, things will get out of hands if Pak Lah doesn’t do something real quick. Anyone who see the video, a very graphic one will get enraged. Everyone feels for Kugan’s mother and her shock of finding her son died in such condition.

The issue is not who barged in. It is who caused all those injuries on Kugan. He may or may not be guilty. But no one is to endure that kind of beatings. What more when those people could be the police.

What can we do other than pray that justice will be served? Whoever has allowed their animal instinct to overtake them, may they be dealt with the law. And lastly, where are all the other non-Indian politicians? Are we only fighting for our own races? This is another dangerous scenario. Everytime there is a case like this, it seems that only the Indian politicians from DAP, MIC and other Indian parties who came forward. Please do not let this be a racial issue. It is an issue that involves all of us Malaysians. All of us have to be involved, even if it just means saying a silent prayer for Kugan’s family.

(reminder : The video on Malaysiakini showing Kugan’s wounds and bruises are very graphic)

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  1. My heart goes to Kugan’s family especially to his mom. Who ever did this (heartless animal) should be severely punished. :reallyangry: Its not who “barged in but who did this”.

  2. thks lilian,
    saw the clips, those were NOT livor mortis (the discolouration on feet may be) and there is no way the wounds were self inflicted (no doubt this is what the po-lice will say). i just saw a report stated that there were over 1500 deaths while under po-lice custody between 2003-2007. how this was not brought to the public attention or house of parliament is inconceivable. Life sure is cheap in Malaysia.
    blood on the face may have occurred if he collapsed face first after death, whatever caused his death, the post mortem report is crucial.
    let’s wait n see how this will be dealt by our ‘super-efficient’ po-lice. What happen to the Independent police complaint bureau…or something like tht…..?

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  3. The PDRM doesn’t dare rough up hinese gangsters when they catch them because those gangsters may be working for Musa Hassan’s employers, the Chinese crime syndicate. Thanks for highlighting this obscenity happening right under our noses. Selangor CPO Khalid Abu Bakar, his boss the Police Inspector General & Syed Hamid Albar should be offered roles in a movie called Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Men In A Tub (to be shot on location in the Bermuda Triangle).

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  4. I was appalled reading that Kugan’s horrible death while in custody. The purpose of the investigation is to bring him to trial to plead his innocence or guilt, I don’t understand why the police doesn’t uphold the doctrine of innocence until proven guilty and no one should be deprived of their life unless by law in the Constitution?

    This is not the first time this is happening in our country, and nobody is ever brought to justice for what they’ve done!

    If the photos weren’t released, I’m not denying the possibility of doctors lying while in autopsy reports. Since significant evidence has shown that his death is not due to an illness, the question now is, who did it?

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  5. He had fluid in his lungs. The news reported he choked while drinking. Its true he choked. But the matter is he was handcuffed (bruises at the wrist). Fluid was forced down his nose/mouth. When he can’t breathe in air, he took in fluid.

    Suspects are always handcuffed during interrogation because all personnels are pussies. It is also protocol to handcuff fearing the suspect might run or hurt himself/others. Self inflicted injuries??? You think we 3 years old ar?

  6. Wonder when they will ever get their priorities right and really wake up. I really feel for Kugan’s family members.

    It is so true about when you ask where are the non-Indian politicians? Is this incident of less important to the other non-Indian politicians? Why are politicians still acting based on race? When will our politicians look at issue beyond race? Sigh!

  7. PDRM have just lose whatever morals there is. The more they open their mouth, the more lies they spew.

    With the second autopsy, looks like OCPD is being checkmate. But than they should get it done at a private clinic and not only from one source but a few sources. Better still to get opinion from abroad and that is engaging someone from say Singapore to do the autopsy. You all how evetyone can be intimidated from our government of the day.

    Looks like PDRM is running the government and not our Barisan Nasional.

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