Cerita pasal 46 kerbau dan seorang penyapu lover

It is like ants biting on my butt and yet, I cannot scratch it in public. So, let me tell you about this story of a hypocrite and his 46 buffaloes. (not to be confused with malaysiakini news here)

This hypocrite is the one who went up to the mountain to tell the world that he is the champion of his own race. He beats his chest and claims that he will defend his religion. He acts like he is the saviour of the poor and downtrodden. He eats a lot of tempe to become so angelic.

Yet, he does not hesitate to rub shit on his brethren, who is of the same race and same religion as him over 46 buffaloes. It is not 46 bungalows, my dear readers. It is kerbau. The ones that were sacrificed and fed to the poor. Does it matter where the money comes from? The meat has been fed to the poor who probably only get to eat meat once a year. They are poor probably due to this hypocrite’s previous administration.

He is such a big, fat, botox-ed hypocrite. He tried to mengharamkan what has been offered as sacrifice to the Almighty. What an amusing story.

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  1. hehehehe..better be careful ah..later when you become granny, you may need to eat tempe osso…haha


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