Let me see if we can learn some lessons from the article from Malaysiakini about Cikgu Loot. In case you do not know, Cikgu Loot is some big, authoritative guy in some big, authoritative association who is in charge of some big, authoritative issues like Chinese education.

I am not interested to know more than that lah. What interests me is the ‘pat gwa’ story where Cikgu Loot was found to hug and kiss many young lengluis. This old man is really old because he reminds me of the old man fishing on the kacang menglembu brand. The wise, old sage kind of impression.

One of this lengluis blogged that she was harassed (as in sexually harassed) and Cikgu Loot took the ‘nam yan tai cheong fu’ heroic act of resigning from his big, authoritative position from the big, authoritative association.

End of story, right? No…..Today, Malaysiakini reported that some pat gwa magazine had sent some irresistible, seductive lenglui to act as wu-lei-ching to lure the humsup apek. Photos of him hugging and kissing the girl was published in the magazine.

End of story, right? No………

Now, the victims are not these young girls. Not the image of the association also. But this so-called media ethics. Mr. Loot’s son said the media is unethical because they didn’t give ample warning to Cikgu Loot.

They also questioned Feminine’s motive and decision in sending a female journalist to do the interview when they clearly know that Loot was accused of sexual harassment earlier.

The fact that the involved female reporter did not leave the scene immediately, allowed herself to be “kissed” three times, and the fact that the photographer who took the pictures did not intervene were questioned too.

Like doh…..Mr. Loot’s son. You think media ethics still exists in our country meh? Long, long dead jor lor. All our politicians also dabbled in it, leaking secrets documents. Lingam also broke the law, telling ‘correct, correct, correct’ lies. Mainstream media twisted facts. So, what media ethics lah? If Mr. Loot never do anything wrong, where got news in the first place lah.

Loot’s son Loke Hwa Chong has condemned the report, saying it goes against media ethics.
He stressed that the report was “not consistent with the facts, out of context and was misleading readers”. He also claimed that the interview itself was an entrapment.

Give us a break lah…….All you what-what 29 associations, don’t be such a hypocrite too. What do you mean by ‘the girl allowed herself to be kissed three times’? If there is no kisser, you think got girl being kissed meh?

You can find the photos of the humsup apek on Malaysiakini.