They call it buttkiss

I have baked a lot of different types of cookies over the week. Some of them are very nice.

So, I asked my little boy if he wants to give to his teachers. He has two teachers in his class. He said, “Ok lor….”. Then, we packed a few pieces of the cookies into the bag and I let him write his own name. Along with the cookies, I put two Mandarin oranges.


And here’s what they said about this :

Son # 3 : Matthew….Mommy is teaching you how to butt kiss. (he learned this from Bedtime Stories)

Son # 2 : Matthew….Mommy is doing bad moral. This is call bribery.

Son # 1 : Matthew….Mommy gives cookies to teachers because she got udang di sebalik batu…..

Me : HOI, Kamu semua! Diam-diam lah! Bisingnya…Matthew…..what did teacher teach you about sharing?

Matthew : Teacher said if I have one rambutan and one orange, I must give one to friend.

Me : Correct lor…Now you have so many cookies, so we give some to teachers, good moral right? Sharing is caring, right?

Son 1,2 and 3 : No, mom…..That is call asslick, mom!


And yes, we bought one packet of sparklers for him last night. 8 batang for RM1. The Black Cat brand no longer available. This brand burns out really fast. He got all nervous and wanted us to hold and let him see the fireworks from a distance. His papa made sure his youngest boy is not too chicken. He asked him (or rather demanded) him to hold the stick and burn it. After the third stick, he starts to enjoy the thrill. There are many stalls selling fireworks which are not banned (I presume) around here. These are the mild, no flying up to sky, no bombing loud noise types.

So, buttkisser, asslicker, apple polisher, ampu-bodeker, sharing is caring….they are all the same, no?

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