Shake legs, shake legs

You can feel the Chinese New Year festive mood over here in Penang. Penangites are more superstitious and more prayerful, I think. This afternoon, when I was passing the residential areas, many homes are putting foods on a table and offering to their ancestors. So, I bet those who practice ancestors worshipping are enjoying their jiu hoor char, too tor thng, kiam chye ark, hoo peow th’ng and the seng lay right now.

Initially, I was supposed to cook for my in-laws but unfortunately, my eldest-sis-in-law, the second commander-in-chief after my (late) parents-in-law fell sick (again) and is warded at the hospital now. So, we decided to cancel the plan.

That leaves me soooooooo free. Tomorrow, for my own family reunion dinner, all six of us, we are going to make sushi, have cheese and parma ham and grill some seafoods and steak plus chocolate fondue as dessert. We are going to be anti-Chinese New Year and stay away from the regular Chinese New Year foods. But if you are looking for Chinese New Year reunion dinner menu, you can find them on my food blog along with recipes.

The weather is so hot these few nights and my living room is like a heated room. That makes it too hot to bother baking cookies or sugee cake.

It is only one day to Chinese New Year and I haven’t bought new clothes for three more kids. Only my eldest son and hubby have found our signature red shirts. I am going to wear the one I bought for Christmas. That means, three more kids need new clothes. Been to almost every shopping mall and sports shops here in Penang and yet, cannot find a shade or size they want. Never mind, recyle sounds like a good idea.

So, all you folks out there who are busy preparing for Chinese New Year, envy me please! I am sooooo free!!!!! I am cooking for my siblings side on the second day of Chinese New Year so I do not have to sweat until then. I have watched The Gem Of Life up to Episode 70 today. Want spoiler? Ho Fung sei jor due to heart attack. He left his will that Jessica, Constance and Terrence must work together. Jessica’s mother kena Alzheimer. Actually, looking at where the story is heading, this is a rather lousy story lah. I hate bad endings. I spent two and half days of my life watching and all I get are divorces, deaths, unrequited love, pthooi! Lucky I don’t just sit there rotting on the couch watching but doing many things at the same time.

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  1. Shake legs? No more shake CB ar? Bwahahaha!

    Happy Chinese New Year!!! Please send ang pau to my home. Tenkiu.

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