What I learned from the Inter Faith Prayer Vigil for Peace in Gaza

I confess I was very, very reluctant to go for the prayer vigil in church because I was so tired, hot, harassed and I think I smell of fried eggs (as I do not have time to bath after preparing dinner). Moreover, the traffic on a Friday evening is horrible and all I want is to stay at home. But I dragged myself there because what good is it to talk about my faith when I cannot take the little effort to go the extra three miles to church.

prayer for gaza

When I reached there, I saw the Bishop and I go, ‘oh…..oh….habis lah…long lecture nanti..’ However, the evening turned to be most enlightening to me. Of course, it is rather tiring to sit on a plastic chair for two and a half hours. Of course, sometime things can get really technical, historical and philosophical…. (aka spelt in one word B O R I N G).


Yet, I can feel the awesomeness of having so many religious leaders from so many faiths, sitting together in one hall, all talking about peace. This is the first time I have been to an interfaith event. Those present tonight are from the different faiths like Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Brahmakumari and Christianity.

I sat through two and half hours of talks and prayers and I learnt things like :

1) A Muslim’s explanation on the land belonging to the Palestinians which was taken by the Israelites who are Jews.

2) Anilnetto’s very factual and illustrative explanation on the why, who, when of the Gaza strip and the fate of those living there. Anil’s presentation made me realised the double standards the world, in particular, the US has. If I heard correctly, Israel has 200 nuclear bombs in their country. Yet, USA pretended not to see it as an issue. However, other countries aren’t allowed to have their nuclear bombs.

3) Anil explained how densely populated the area is and why so many injured. He provided all the facts like population, areas belong to the Palestians and how Israelites Jews have driven out a lot of people.

4) I learnt about Sikhism, Hinduism and Brahmakumari. It is so awesome to Ohm Santhi and Omithofood along with their religious leaders. I subconsciously can reply to the greetings from the Muslim leader too. After all, I have heard the azan so many times a day.

5) The little girl from the Sikhism group is so adorable with her organ and singing.


I can so relate with all the different faiths. Never mind that their way of worshipping is different, we are all just the same.


I do not know if our dear friends from SB were in the hall. We have a candle light vigil as well. I guess they would be there to keep an eye so that we little chewren do not play with fire. I hope our peace reached their hearts as well. Peace be with you, SB friends! @_@ And may the Divine hear the cries of His people and calm the hearts of those at war.

4 thoughts on “What I learned from the Inter Faith Prayer Vigil for Peace in Gaza

  1. plain and simple, we are all children of the Earth. Why kill our brothers and sisters? hey, did u friend elaborate who supplied the nuclear warheads to Israel ah?
    US is the mother of all hypocrites, I hope Obama will change this

    JT´s last blog post..Go manual – The SUNNY F/16 rule

  2. Why kill each other ? You’ll have to ask the Rockefeller and the RothsChilds, basically the international criminal bankers who profit from war.

    America is the Babylon that will burn when her time comes. Obama is just a puppet of the Babylonian Slave Drivers.

  3. There are some international students in my MSc classes, and one of ’em is a Palestinian journalist. His wife and children live near Gaza while he’s studying here. He has written on the war, and his brother died in the war. We had a 3–hour discussion on the conflicts in the Middle East in one of the classes, and listening to his first account of the war (of over 6 decades) was heartwrenching.

    SkyJuice´s last blog post..To My Friend in Gaza

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