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Xin Nien Kuai Le

choy sun

God of Prosperity with my handsome boy.

grill foods

Instead of steamboat, we have grill seafoods, sausages and meats.

Eldest son made the sushi.
Second son made the platter of cheese, parma ham and salami.
Third son arrange the chocolate fondue.
Fifth son eats.


After saying grace, thanking God for a blessed Rat year, praying for a bountiful Ox year, we makan. Then, we yam seng with a bottle of Shiraz Cabernet, Long Island Iced Tea, Tequila and Vodka shots.

But you know what? Nothing beats F&N Orange and Sarsi as thirst quencher.

chocolate fondue

Instead of steamboat for Chinese New Year’s eve, we have chocolate fondue with fruits.

Now, I am going to my sister’s house to play fireworks. Oh ya, if you are looking for any hardcore firecrackers and rockets, try the stall outside Bali Bali in Farlim. ­čśë They have 9 ft long red firecrackers too. However, we can only afford pop-pop firecrakers. RM1 per box.

So, dear readers who celebrate Chinese New Year, please accept my warmest wishes for a healthy, happy, blessed Ox year 2009.

I will try to visit all your blogs to drop a wish but I am too drunk to do so now. Ta ta! Xin nien kuai le (happy new year).

Oh ya, they say that there is an eclipse of the sun tomorrow, which is the first day of Chinese New Year. Over in Malaysia, we will be experiencing a red sky from 4.30 pm to 7 pm. The Indian fengshui master said not to swim, sleep or have sex. You hear?

14 Responses to “Xin Nien Kuai Le”

  1. Hey, was just wondering whr did u get the fondue pot?
    possible to find sth bigger/
    happy cny btw!! =)

  2. Bali Bali near USM?

    U hv such a feast, aunt lilian. WIsh you and your loved ones a very prosperous moomoo yr ahead!

    kyh┬┤s last blog post..Still a bumblebee

  3. Oh, Bali Bali there got hor liao! Ok, later I go check it out. I saw a lot of people selling at Pasar Malam.

    I wish you a prosperous Ox year too! Ox year, Ong ah!

    Bryan┬┤s last blog post..Get Ready For Google Chrome 2.0!

  4. Happy Moo Year to you and your family !!!

  5. Happy Chinese New Year to you and all your readers, Lilian!!! ­čÖé

    Merv┬┤s last blog post..Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

  6. What a feast!!! My relatives were drunk and decided to sing karaoke. Wonder what time they finished. LOL!!

    Angie Tan┬┤s last blog post..Delicate Paper Cuttings @ MidValley Megamall

  7. Ong ah! Happy NIU Year!

  8. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family! ­čśÇ

    Charlene┬┤s last blog post..Our CNY Eve

  9. san jong lik kin!

  10. Wishing you a blessed and prosperous CNY too!!!

    malaysianfoodguide┬┤s last blog post..Prosperous Healthy Yee Sang

  11. did you get the chance how much money the God of Prosperity has in the bank, is he says not a lot… then we are all fu(ked..!!

    nevertheless, happy New year everyone

    JT┬┤s last blog post..Go manual – The SUNNY F/16 rule

  12. wishing you and your family Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai! Tai Keh HUAT AH! :cow:

    PoiPoi┬┤s last blog post..stupid baboons

  13. Gong xi fa cai ­čÖé

  14. […] Chinese New Year fell on January 25 (I think). I think I didn’t do any Chinese New Year gathering for the in-laws. Must make mental note to treat them to my Chinese traditional dishes come CNY 2010. […]