The evil partial eclipse of the sun

I took the photo with two camera filters, ok? Don’t look at the sun with your naked eyes if you don’t want to go blind. Don’t point your camera direct at the sun if you don’t want to go blind and your CCD rosak-ed, ok? And we used the water in the basin method to see the eclipse.

partial eclipse of the sun, penang, malaysia

So, do you witness anything evil on thei solar eclipse of the first day of Chinese New Year? Is Satan giving you the PEACE sign? Or did Satan flashed his middle finger which says FUCUK U, world?

(more to follow after this)


Now on with the regular post. It is the first day of Chinese New Year and this rebellious Chinese family decided to spend it rotting at home, either half naked (for the males) or in old, tattered t-shirt and short for the female. The weather is super hot.

I woke up early, at 7.30 am. Hubby and I then went out, with intention to have nasi kandar. Of course, both of us in our old clothes. We passed by the LWE hospital and decided to ‘pai nien’ with his sis. Met my hairdresser who was there to visit her MIL. Hospital car park is so deserted. Passed by the geriatric ward and some old woman was waving at me. I just ignored it ‘cos it is not proper to visitors to play Florence Nightingale, ok? Anyway, sis-in-law is discharging today.

After some nice nasi kandar in Jelutong, we went to Tesco. Fuyoh, all the veges are fresh and there are no crazy crowds to jostle with me. I could buy the foodstuffs in peace. Got home and I prepare a sujee cake for baking tonight, baked suji cookie and a batch of fantalicious cupcakes with fresh blueberries, cherries and chocolate chips (3 diff flavours, not all in one). Gave some for my Indian neighbour.

sujee cookies

Then, I prepared lunch. My late mother will tell me, Choy….where got people eat ‘moi’ for sin chia? After all the grills and meats yesterday, I hanker for some boat people congee. It is basically a porridge cooked with ‘cha hu’ a typed of dried fish, peanuts, some salted chicken I had preserved for a few days and century eggs. Yummm…

After that, I got sleepy and went into my aircond bedroom to sleep. Now, this is the main part of my post. You still reading ah?

I only took 2 hours nap and I dreamt:
PKR election campaign booth, Anwar was there and I got down to join them;

My kid vomitted in the car, nasty ones;

I cannot find my car in the carpark and I had to ask a woman’s actor from HK where it is.;

*(you think I got the weirdest dream yet?)

I attended mass and I was angry with someone and I stood up and scolded the person! (if you are Catholic, you will faint at the thought);

And I was still dreaming with all the plots and colours and smells when I heard someone whispered…..

“Mommy…..the moon blocked the sun already. You want to see?”

And that’s why the solar eclipse is evil because it woke me and now, I have no conclusions to all my dreams. Lucky I have studied some partial psychology, and I know dreams interpretations. My dreams simply says…..

chocolate cake

My dreams says…..Stop working so hard, stop wondering so hard, stop taking politics so seriously, stop feeling like a constipated Catholic, have a chocolate cake and go change into your new year’s clothes and go pai nien!

**It is drizzling at 6 pm on the partial solar eclipse evening.

7 thoughts on “The evil partial eclipse of the sun

  1. If you wanna talk about satanic or pagan stuff, I have just the right stuff for you.

    Do you know that members of the elite in America, past presidents, criminal bankers, filmakers are part of a club called the Bohemian club ?

    Do you know about bohemian grove ?

    If you google ‘alex jones bohemian grove’ you can find a video of a radio journalist infiltrating this elite club which has a paganistic occult ritual of human sacrifice, currently using mock figures. They worship Molock, supposedly ‘satanic’ to christians and jews. It’s a ritual where child sacrification is carried out.

    Yes, our world is ruled by elites who engage in these ‘childish’ occult rituals but some say they could be using real human babies for sacrifice.

    Stanley Kubrick tried to tell the world in his film ‘eyes wide shut’ but he died not long after making the film (he was one of the bohemian boys)

    Don’t take my word for it, google and research for yourself. We’re actually ruled by people from the babylonian era, or at least they believed they’re descendants of babylonian slave drivers.

    911 truth movement is growing and unrefutable circumstantial evidence has surfaced pointing to an inside job of these occult molock worshippers murdering Americans to justify a clampdown on civil liberties and imperialistic expansion.

  2. yuinyuin – I like the ‘beautifool always’ part. Hahaha. Wish you perfect health and sweatless exams.

    shadowfox – I like conspiracy! I watched Eyes Wide Shut and Da Vinci Code also mentioned something, if I remember correctly. That’s why Yehsou’s words so true lor….He said, ‘You cannot serve two masters, either you love God and hate money or you love money and hate God’ (or something with that meaning lah). Therefore, the equation is money=devil. Hehehe, I don’t mind sitting on the fence a bit though. But in our own country, they keep encouraging borrowing, sooner or later, we all mampus sekali lah. Niamah, I got savings now, the interest rates keep dropping like shit. Last time, last recession, I was in debt with car loan, housing loan, the interest shot up. Cilaka betul. :pissedoff:

  3. I wanna go out!! Yeah, I spent my first day of CNY rotting at home, watching playthrough of Dead Space, then animated film of Dead Space: Downfall, and also CNY TV shows. Since I don’t have Astro other than 8TV the other shows on other TV stations so amateurish wtf!

    Before I forget, I remember there was a Chinese ritual that involves sacrifice of a child. Later the colonialist British banned such sacrifice.

    boon kheng´s last blog post..Chinese New Year 2009

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