This is for 2nd bro.


The foods (all I cook lah). Got spring rolls, chicken pie, curry chicken, tomyam beehoon, mushroom and brocolli and fried lor pak kou (white radish cake fried like char koay teow)


The booze. No one gets drunk, no werries.


The sisters. I like this pic. (in order of age, I am the one in red, the middle and shortest is my eldest sis and the other my second sis. Both of them are more than 10 years older than me but I am the BIGGEST, Wonder what my mom ate when she was pregnant with me?)


Everyone makan time. This CNY, we have three new additions in nephew and nieces and one new bride.

My nieces are still at their in-laws’ place in other states. So, I told my son, “You know hor…next time CNY, it is compulsory you all stay home with me and only visit your wife’s family after the third day. Just like Ah Ting and Ah Ching che-ches like that.” Must set down family rules early-early mah….


Just a section of the family. The only missing member from the Chan family is 2nd bro. I like how red we are.

(I hope no one recognize anyone in the photo. ‘Cos sometimes when I post family photos, my nephews or nieces’ friends or colleagues will go…..”Haiyorrr…that 5xmom is really your aunty ah? Yerrrr….in real life, is she like her blog? Does she scold you bad words ah?”)

So, hope next year 2nd bro will balik kampung to Penang and join us.

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