Thanks, Charlene for mailing the hardcopy of New York Times special supplement to me. I got it in the mail today and was so thrilled to actually touch and feel a copy of paper mailed to me all the way from US of A.


The size of the paper is different from our The Star. Sort of like tall, slender New Yorker hot chick versus fat, short, stubby Penang Ah Soh.

nyt vs the star

Anyway, I braved traffic jam and human sardines to attend the Penang Chinese New Year open house event hosted by the State Government. I got down from a junction, next to the stage. Hubby dropped me alone while he went on to find a parking. And the cilaka Rela members are si-peh-lansi. I just need to step over to get to the event but they demanded I take a longer route.

Celaka, so belagak for what lah. I am not a criminal lah. So, I had to walk to Jalan Pintal Tali and then go behind some dark, dark lorong alone. Niamah, so scary you know? ‘Cos I was taking my DSLR with my expensive lens, plus another camera and handphone and wallet. Lucky never kena snatch thief.

So, my mood is spoilt already lor. But then, I managed to squeeze into the crowd, braving ah peks whose t-shirts were wet from all their sweats and ear deafening loudspeakers to take some photos. But all I see are lots of ADUNS comfortably seated at their big-big tables. Doh…The places so crowded already, put what dining tables lah. Crowd around like us lah. Stand with us lah. Somemore use so big table for what lah.


And hor, the Rela members, si peh lansi. I just stepped a bit to the front to take picture of my Chief Minister only mah. No need to act like I am carrying a sniper likedat, can?

So I pun tulan and decided to go home lah. I lost all my moods to take photo. Actually, I don’t even know if they have any other program other than stand gawking at ADUNs and the likes. I wanted to take photo of dragon dance or something special like that but all I see are ADUNs seated down comfortably in their big big tables while the cilaka Rela members act like some bouncers likedat.

penang street foods

Having said all the above, I must praise our CM Lim Guan Eng for his fervour in his speeches. His speech is like pre-general election, so semangat and engaging. The people obviously adore him, from the way they responded to him.