Pak Lah asks us to be buruh kasar

“I want our people to take over the jobs now held by the immigrants,” he said at the launching of the Rural Action Plan at Ayer Kuning. (The Star)

What an easy solution to solve the mess they created. All those billions wasted in major projects like what-what corridor here and there. All those white elephants that serve no purpose.

Obviously, Pak Lah has not been there with the migrant workers. How those able-bodied, strong, hardworking Nepalese, Myanmarese, Bangladeshi toiled in hot sun, stinking rubbish, bad living conditions etc. Have Pak Lah seen the meals they can afford to eat? Like two pieces of chicken necks, a mountain of white rice with some curry and plain water? This is the kind of life our PM wants for the citizens of the country he leads.

The PM who probably admits to us that “Yeah, you have all been screwed. Stop whining already. It is your problem, not mine.”

Abdullah said people should not be choosy about jobs and hoped that factories would stop taking migrant workers.

Maybe the PM never really pay attention. Why have all those Ministries like the Human Resources and etc when he cannot figure out why factories prefer migrant workers?

Talking about our dear PM, I find it such a hypocrite for him to keep on demanding for the release of the two detainees who are terrorist suspects kept in Guantanamo Bay (source) while he has a whole lot of people detained under ISA over here in Malaysia. Don’t you think so? And let’s not even go into the issue how Kugan was murdered while being investigated in our local balai lokap. Dear PM, before you go international, asking for release of terrorist suspects, how about taking a walk in your own backyard first?

11 thoughts on “Pak Lah asks us to be buruh kasar

  1. I wonder his maids at home are Malaysians.

    Malaysian politicians talk with their assholes and fart with their mouths.

  2. Kuman diseberang laut nampak tapi gajah depan muka tak nampak. Sebab tidur kut. . .

    How did he even got up the political ladder? How did all these people get a position to lead anyone at all? Gone case.

  3. Ya lor, all the shit stuff are now on our streets and we (Malaysians) are asked to do the clean up. Good one, Mr. Sleepyhead PM…

  4. While he donated the 1million to Gaza, the citizens here suffers without a job.

    Stop being a busybody messing with other people’s business. Look at what you’ve done with your own country first.

  5. Dear All,

    The REAL reason I have stopped blogging is this.

    The news media reports ‘shit’ everyday and reading it makes one go ‘mabuk’!
    Day in, Day out and almost everyday, some ‘smart’ Minister (Is that all we’ve got?)
    spews rubbish from their damn mouth. Can anyone name me a Minister in Pak lah’s cabinet that have brains? Dengue? Cikungunya? Blames da public. Every bad thing, blames us, da public!!! wtf?
    Oil price increase? blame da public! Oil price dropped? blames da public!
    Electricity costs? Blame da public and screw da public!!!

    Yah, just name me a good Minister that is worth his/her salt!!!!!!
    Just cut da crap.

    Birds Talking Too

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