This is a brainless, unintelligible post made on a Saturday afternoon. I cannot believe that I was actually excited last night with the prospect of making a takeaway lunch for myself.

I am attending the course on Citizen Journalism today and Sunday. From 9.30 am to 5.30 pm today and 10-6 pm tomorrow. The idea of walking out to the nearby market to have lunch is not so conducive. Driving home is possible but the thought of going into a burning, hot car is not. So, I thought of packing my own lunch so that I can sit down in the comfort of my classroom in Aliran office and enjoy The Gem of Life Episode 72 while blogging.


So, while the rest of the world are enjoying their Chinese New Year yee sang lunch or some fortune rhyming dishes at restaurants, I am munching on wholemeal bread, ham and cheese sandwiches. Lucky I get to make myself a mug of hot Ipoh White Coffee to comfort myself that my life is not so pathetic after all.

I baked some oats and blueberries muffin last night and shall have that as dessert. *sniff*

Like Melvin told me on Facebook, “You sendiri dig hole one” (to bury self) so I cannot complain ‘cos I asked for this.

Still…*sniff* Finish class jor, somemore have to run to church ‘cos if I don’t go this evening, tomorrow 6 am must wake up for the early morning service.

So, what did you eat on a sunny Saturday? *goes off to a corner to whine about my own miserable lunch*