He has spelling test tomorrow. Monday, 2nd February 2009.

There are only six words :

farm, keep, fire, big, my, little and her.

On Wednesday, 4th February, he has Bahasa Malaysia spelling test.

This time, there are only four words :

zirafah, ayah, lebah and rumah.

But Mr. Worry Wart has worked on the spelling tests since he got home last Friday, i.e. before Chinese New Year.

On and off, he will bring his book, a piece of paper, ruler and pencil and ask me to give him spelling test.

With his stubby fingers, he diligently draw lines on the white A4 paper using the ruler.

Then, he will pull in a deep breath and say, “Ok, start”.

We will go through the same routine. I will read the word, he writes. Whichever word he is not very sure, he will tediously repeat them three times.

Mr. Worry Wart has fallen asleep now. But not before he mumbled, “Mommy…I don’t know I can get five stars for my test or not.”

No matter how many times hubby and I assured him that it is not important to get five stars, he will go through the same worries. Eventhough, we keep on telling him how smart he is, he will still worry about his spelling test.

Sigh….kindie is certainly different now. I never have to go through these sort of school tensions with my other kids. My little boy is going to a sekolah kebangsaan next year and there are only 12 of them in his K2 kindie class. There are three times the number of children in the other K2 class for children going to vernacular schools. So, his class is considered very relaxing with very nice teachers and very little to learn.

I cannot imagine what kind of worry wart he will turned into if I have sent him to Chinese school. Good lordie, he asked me to teach him Mandarin because he has one Mandarin lesson each week. He was asked to write ‘mi’ and ‘fan’. I saw a plate of thing in the book and told him it is ‘mee fern’. (bee hoon) Poor kid looked so lost. He said, “No mah…teacher does not say like that. Different one…..” Much later in the day, he finally remembered how to pronounce the hanyu pinyin. It is ‘mi’ = uncooked rice and ‘fan’ = nasi aka cooked rice. Doh… School is evil, I tell you. They robbed the fun out of little kids and give them unnecessary worries.

School is bad. For me, at least.