These old bones

This is a shiok sendiri post. Someday, maybe 10 years down the line, I can look back at this post and remember what an energetic superwoman I was.

I woke up at 8 am on Saturday. For the last one week, I had the luxury of sleeping as late and waking up as late as I fancy. I could take a nap in the hot afternoon for as many hours as I want.

But on Saturday, my holiday is officially over. However, I couldn’t get out of bed by 8 am. I ‘gulung’ up like a centipede kena abu and dozed off till 8.30 am.

By 9 am, I had to wallop a packet of nasi lemak and a mug of Nescafe while making sandwiches for my lunch.

By 9.15 am, I had to rush out of home to get to Aliran’s office for my course. Got into my car and the clock shows 9.27 am. None of my house 4 clocks show the right time! OMG, class starts at 9.30 am and they usually start on time. Reached Aliran at 9.37 am. By the time I sat down, I was just in time to to introduce myself to the lecturer. Today is Anil Netto’s session on ethics in journalism.

Ding dong ding dong….the course ended at 4.57 pm. Rushed out of Aliran’s office to go to church. Reached church around 5.05 pm. Hmmm…still early. So, I went up to Form One catechism class to help the other two teachers. There are 58 students in Form One so it is not easy for two teachers (and mind you, they are real professionally trained teacher and lecturer, not like me, cikgu celup) to handle the admin stuffs, the teaching, the singing etc.

Class finished at 5.45 pm. Ran down to give a hug to my little boy who just finished his pre-school catechism class. “Baby!!!!! Did you miss mommy????” And I was rewarded with, “Nope, I got papa mah….”

After all the hugging and kissing, hubby sent #3 and #5 home because I have OHP duty, again. (I was only informed the day before so it is too late for me to arrange a replacement duty) So, it was church from 6 pm till 7.15 pm. And golly, I didn’t even remember the Gospel and homily. *hangs head in shame* Here I was, discussing with the Form One students, “Sometimes….I didn’t hear God’s calling because…..” and I am the one who failed to hear anything.

Got home. Took a quick bath. Went out to dinner. After that, went to eldest sis’s house in Sungai Nibong to see my cute grandnephew from Melaka/KL who is returning to KL tomorrow. Also met my other grandniece. Wuah…the babies grew up like magic beans. One minute so tiny, next minute can turn over already and ang-koo-koo with me already.

But that’s not the end of the day yet. My little boy wanted to see my Bayan Baru niece’s sexy, white gingerbread man. So, we drove to Bayan Baru and stayed there for another hour.

Got home. Wah piang…. I actually enjoy a day like this. Oh yeah, I also forget the number of times of I have to sit and listen to my little boy telling me stories about the gingerbread man and sexy woman gingerbread man got married, *I have to hum wedding march song here* “And one day….the sexy woman gingerbread man got six babies…..The end…..Suddenly, it is an anniversary day. He brings her to a restaurant and a very nice restaurant and they go shopping, they buy shoes and because the gingerbread man is rich…..(I am typing this as he is telling me) he even buys a jacuzzi, even buy a laptop, suddenly, the day went wrong….The papa forget to give flower, suddenly the gingee woman, said never mind, I have too much flower in my garden, I can’t even put one more rose in my garden….

Good lordy, the kind of abuse I have to go through Hahahahaha. *makes mental note to check where my six years old get storylines like the above*

6 thoughts on “These old bones

  1. ….. and I thought you don’t want us to say you shiok sendiri only so disabled the comments! I was like … how can?

    Wah your day sounds very chuan but fun lah. Like this time seems to pass very fast.But cannot likedat all the time … can burn out! So take care la!

  2. Lilian, u ok ah? Sounds like u had a very bz day to me. I just have a feeling that yr screw bit loose..better check k 🙂

  3. Momo – Haahaha, shiok sendiri betul hor? Boh pien lah, all these CNY festivities, sure extra work wan lor. In fact, I baru returned from Bayan Baru again.

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