Politicians in Malaysia – Do you know who are your bosses?

After looking at the comical news that popped up all over Malaysiakini, The Star and other media, I think it is about time we rakyats and voters remind the politicians who are their bosses. We voted them into office. I believe their salaries come from the taxpayers money too. They are suppose to serve the people. Not their own ego, power, selfish needs and we are not amuse with their menopausal antics.

Firstly, that what-what female DAP politician who said she has a heartbreak because the DAP Sec-Gen aka my #1 favourite politician warned all his DAP ADuns must behave. (malaysiakini) Eh, auntie, we don’t care how you feel. Don’t make it to the news about how you feel. Your job is to make sure all the people in your constituency feels good. Geddit?

Next are the two PKR politicians who have corruption cases against them. And UMNO readily and willingly accepted them. Pak Lah and Najib said so on the news. I was like….oh yeah……’cos they qualified 100%, right?????????? They don’t need to be trained further, right????????

Now, the monkeys insisted they never resigned but was forced to sign the resignation letter last year ‘under duress’ (again I picked this from malaysiakini). These people are making a mockery of our democratic process of electing them. I hope the people of Perak will tell them to take a hike because they do not want corrupted politicians, whether they are PKR, DAP, UMNO, PAS or whatever party.

And as if the situation is not chaotic enough, Gerakan Mr. Speckie added more fuel to the bonfire. He call Pakatan Rakyat ‘King of Frogs’ and like a kid, he said, “Mommy…it wasn’t me, they started it….”

“All this hopping started with Pakatan Rakyat back in April and we (Barisan Nasional) did not start it,” Dr Koh told reporters

(The Star)

Like doh….We do not give a damn, dear politicians. We voted you to work your butt off for the people. Stop all these monkey acts because you are wasting time and money. Time and money which are better spend helping the poor, homeless, marginalized, needy and other groups of people in your constituencies.

We have enough, don’t we?

9 thoughts on “Politicians in Malaysia – Do you know who are your bosses?

  1. this ppl are a bunch of jokers.
    seriously.. if they wanna get out of PKR.. just get out la.. why wanna go into hiding la.. take MC la.. then have press conference which they dun attend and get their representatives to read out their statement la.. economy is going down the drain and they are more concern in all this petty things.. DOOMED la..

  2. I smell dirty tactics being played out. I thought the emergence of a two party system in our country which is good but I see BN resorted to this to stay in or flip to power?

    The question now is, should the Perak MB seek an audience with the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly for fresh elections? You can vote your decision on Malaysia Today here.

    boon kheng´s last blog post..Bad and agonising day

  3. Those PKR corrupted politians are making a mockery out of the people who voted for them and if those politicians want to behave like monkeys with belacan in their butt, goes somewhere else and get their bananas from B anana N ation!!

    BH Leow´s last blog post..WAR AGAINST DENGUE !!

  4. That Mr.Spekie nyanyuk ke? He has forgotten that his GERAKAN party was originally an opposition party and their entire herd of frogs there jumped into the BN muddy pond after they won the Penang state!

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..2009 Year fo the OX FROG!

  5. Up till now, all this politician seemed to forget that the country is going into disaster zone very soon and no one seem to be putting priority into that first.
    There is no obvious plan on how to buffer Malaysians in the coming months and I foresee more lay offs in the very near future! All type of businesses will be effected and when shit hits the fan, bosses WILL chop their employees without thinking twice!
    They seem to be more caught up with who’s jumping or hopping, who can be bought and another by-elections. I think there are more urgent matters that these politicians need to look into before people are made jobless(homeless) and no food on table for the family!
    Their sense of priority seemed to be all screwed up!

  6. can someone please get a huge can of shelltox and spray at that irritating mosquito……..!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Haiya, Lilian, the last para will never come true lah. Election time, they make a lot of visits & promises. after complete 1 term, situation remains the same. Mana tidak, the whole term is for their (politician’s)own good, the poor rakyat, belakang kira lah.

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