All I did was to take a nap.

And they have stolen the Perak state away. (malaysiakini)

Never mind about the change of political power.

But those morons who gave all sort of excuses are just way too stupid. I won’t bother myself with the big issues like administration, legal, who is the MB and stuffs like that. I don’t live there and only stops for salted chicken once in a while when I pass by Ipoh.

If I live in Perak and I have an assemblymen like those four, I think I will go and spit on their heads. If want to leave the party, leave with integrity, principle and truth lah. Don’t lah give excuses like they are in some Bollywood movies and they are the brides who are snatched away.

Niamah, think we all stupid or what? Our country has no other problems issit?

Anyway, it was the state with most controversies. The MB was personally picked by the Sultan. I hope the Sultan’s wisdom will bail those people out. No wonder that ex-MB resigned and let his place taken over by Mr. Ruby Lips. I wonder how many millions that have been spent on buying carrots?

Perak gov’t collapses – BN claims power
Feb 4, 09 12:12pm


5.50pm: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim accuses BN of trying to form government in Perak ‘by hook or by crook’.

“We are pushing for a dissolution of the state assembly and fresh elections in the state. We must go back to the people and get a fresh mandate,” he tells AFP.

“BN is trying to form the state government by hook or by crook – more by crook.”

5.35pm: Mohd Nizar leaves the palace after meeting Sultan Azlan Shah. He tells reporters that he has informed the sultan of his request to dissolve the state assembly.

“It is now up to Tuanku (his highness),” he adds with a smile. The meeting lasted almost two hours.