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Look ma! I went to sleep and they stole the silver state!

All I did was to take a nap.

And they have stolen the Perak state away. (malaysiakini)

Never mind about the change of political power.

But those morons who gave all sort of excuses are just way too stupid. I won’t bother myself with the big issues like administration, legal, who is the MB and stuffs like that. I don’t live there and only stops for salted chicken once in a while when I pass by Ipoh.

If I live in Perak and I have an assemblymen like those four, I think I will go and spit on their heads. If want to leave the party, leave with integrity, principle and truth lah. Don’t lah give excuses like they are in some Bollywood movies and they are the brides who are snatched away.

Niamah, think we all stupid or what? Our country has no other problems issit?

Anyway, it was the state with most controversies. The MB was personally picked by the Sultan. I hope the Sultan’s wisdom will bail those people out. No wonder that ex-MB resigned and let his place taken over by Mr. Ruby Lips. I wonder how many millions that have been spent on buying carrots?

Perak gov’t collapses – BN claims power
Feb 4, 09 12:12pm


5.50pm: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim accuses BN of trying to form government in Perak ‘by hook or by crook’.

“We are pushing for a dissolution of the state assembly and fresh elections in the state. We must go back to the people and get a fresh mandate,” he tells AFP.

“BN is trying to form the state government by hook or by crook – more by crook.”

5.35pm: Mohd Nizar leaves the palace after meeting Sultan Azlan Shah. He tells reporters that he has informed the sultan of his request to dissolve the state assembly.

“It is now up to Tuanku (his highness),” he adds with a smile. The meeting lasted almost two hours.

26 Responses to “Look ma! I went to sleep and they stole the silver state!”

  1. Jump here and there… Why I smell got some $$$ around?

    Keng.. All I did was to be out of the country for 3 days and this happened. ­čść

    Angie Tan┬┤s last blog post..When To Give Up

  2. Therefore, keep watch and pray.. Lol!

    Yeah,they do think we’re stupid. But unlike them, we learn and we (the people) remembers.

  3. I heard General Election will be forever discontinued because no need election also can form government wan as long as got money.

    Bryan┬┤s last blog post..AMD Phenom II X4 Set New 3DMark05 World Record

  4. Oh! That’s my silver state! Sorry, Lilian, but I need to sing this now. Every Perakian, join me and stand for the state:

    Dilanjutkan Allah usianya Sultan
    Adil dan murah memerintah watan
    Ditaati rakyat kiri dan kanan
    Iman yang saleh Allah kurniakan
    Allah berkati Perak Ridzuan
    Allah selamatkan Negeri dan Sultan

    Yes… God, please save the silver state!!!

    And Lilian, I DO wish now that I go back and vote the same way I did 10 months ago.

    David C.┬┤s last blog post..Today is a good day to fight

  5. For non-Perakian, you can join as well. So the tune – simple – exactly the same as Negaraku.

    Lilian, typo – please help me remove “Darul”. ­čÖé

    David C.┬┤s last blog post..Today is a good day to fight

  6. Fingers crossed the Sultan will do the right thing for the sake of the Perakians (and all Malaysians).

    Merv┬┤s last blog post..The Kataks Have Jumpeth

  7. If there is another erection, I am sure that no bee-end ppl will win any seat. Ppl will show their power again!

    Choonie┬┤s last blog post..Addicted ????

  8. It’s now proven that here in Anything-Can-Land, MONEY TALKS, MORALS can take a WALK!

    Let’s pray that the dissolution of the Dewan Negeri be approved and a fresh mandate from the Rakyat be taken through the ballot box once again. I bet the voters would want to blast that betraying b**ch to eternal hell!

    9pek9bo┬┤s last blog post..2009 Year Of The OX FROG!

  9. Die die oso as usual they use $$$ to buy these idiotic running dogs over, guess they hv not learn to use other clean ways to win them over yet like how we PR won Perak.

  10. This morning (myself being an Ipoh boy) when I read the newspaper, I felt so SO disappointed and very sad for the people at Jelapang, Perak and SHAME ON YOU Hee Yit Foong(I don’t think you deserve to be called a YB). Some more she was being named the first deputy state legislative speaker, MY ARSE. You desserted the people who voted you and who stand by the opposition party, shame on you! I wonder how can show you face in your constituency.

    Ipoh Boy┬┤s last blog post..

  11. No matter who jumps, be it the opposition or the current coalition. All politicians are the same… they are human being. Its not like they are selling their soul, its only seats.

    For 50mil, what will you do? Integrity will wobble, wouldn’t you be tempted?

    mahagurusia┬┤s last blog post..MEME: What kind of driver you hate most

  12. perakians pls lend ur support by attending a mammoth rally organised by pakatan to call for statewide snap polls outside the mb residence. Predicted 100,000 will attend.

    EricOng┬┤s last blog post..Perakians, please lend your support (malaysiakini)

  13. To be honest, they should’ve seen this coming. It’a party hopping plan that got backfired. Don’t forget it’s PKR that have been saying 30 MP would jump ship since last year and nothing happened. This gave BN the idea and they executed it successfully themselves

    vkeong┬┤s last blog post..Italiannies Italian Food @ The Curve

  14. Reading this fiasco, I am amaze at how Hee lied through her teeth and in process her ancestors grave. This is one real slut and is demonstrated by the way she bark back at LGE.

    People, lets go to her house and hurl dog poo and cow dungs at her home.

  15. I were in kopitiam this morning and saw the headline on Sun. As a Perakian who married to a Penangnite, I feel so dissapointed and at that moment I told myself, $$$ will make ppl mabuk lar. So???? The Perakian who voted for them last time will really be dissapointed. I know even if the BN win today, how about few years later…….. How ppl look at them?

    Erina┬┤s last blog post..I Am Out Of My Shelf

  16. Firstly, Gong xi fa cai (a li’l bit late lor but it is still CNY now mah…) and secondly on this whole sordid froggie issue…well, people do say money makes the world go round and millions can buy loads of stuff including ‘loyalty’.

    Foong┬┤s last blog post..Time sure do flies and my earn money online efforts

  17. Can make Carrot Cake, Carrot Juice, Carrot Rice, Carrot Candy…

    A lotta carrots!!!

    r1zlan┬┤s last blog post..MATURITY BEYOND HER YEARS

  18. vkeong, i object!

    lu baru born yesterday ke?

    rite in my constituency in 2004, the b4-elected dap fella turn into a after-elected mca…tats y in 2008, he get nothing frm seeking 2nd term but a big frog poster as a sign of ‘honour’

    so this dirty tactic is not born in 2008 ok

  19. I just can’t tolerate that BN hijacked the government back with a deplorable way. It’s only a short lived victory! Wait till the next GE, punish them with the vote in your hands!

    boon kheng┬┤s last blog post..A Reminder of Democracy

  20. Angie

    Please please do not leave for another 3 days otherwise we may lose another state!

  21. Has that woman given any press conference? I’d love to hear what she has got to say……

    JT┬┤s last blog post..Go manual – The SUNNY F/16 rule

  22. hahahaha THAT woman, Hee Yit Foong, I will definitely throw my Cow Dunk shoe at her when I get meet her! That RUNNING DOG! Shame on YOU!

  23. Haiya… You guys just chat until the cow come home also nothing will happen. Why not work hard, earn some money, make your pocket and bum bigger for your own future. Don’t waste time. DSAI, LGE, LKS, KS, DPM, NKH all no use. No power talk so much, have power gone with the wind and bye2 voters. All no use. So don’t be no use also, work hard.

  24. For someone who is a polio victim and lacking in terms of qualifications (ex-clerical), she no doubt has come a long way and sure can jump around! Take a look at her, she is really jinjang and BTC type of person. You really can’t expect much from this type of people-lah! “Fak Kung Aug” (because of poverty one can get aggresive) lor people call this. She can’t imagine earning that amount even she works 10X her life span. So, why not? Integrity? Loyalty? Principle? Mak Kai Yeh?

  25. Another drama outshined Gem of Life oi! ­čÖé

  26. […] February they stole the state of Perak in an overnight heist. Funnily enough, I got upclose and personal with YB Nizar the other day. Never thought that I could […]