UMNO Penang apasal lu olang tarak protest?

Eh, mana pigi itu UMNO Tanjong? Apasal lu olang tarak protest itu Lee Hack Teik tambah tokok itu Pengkalan Weld mia nama kasi jadi Lebuhraya Xiamen? Dulu saya masih ingat lu olang protest bila kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang tambah bahasa Tamil, Cina, English kepada nama jalan.

The division also felt that the move would cause unease among the Malays and anxiety among tourists in times of emergency.

(Malaysian Insider Nov 10, 2008)

Sikalang hor, ini apek dari MCA lagi dahsyat, nama jalan pun dia ada kuasa tukar. Lagi hor, ini nama dari Tongsan, apasal lu olang talak bising ah?


Apasal kali ini tarak kasi kacau ah? Dahbel standard kah? Durian sama pangsa, ulat tak nampak lah?


Nah, this is from our local Penang The Star Metro North dated 4th February 2009. I think hor, this Lee Hack Teik already ter-kacau the fengshui of the jalan lah. I just read that five houses were burnt down at the Chew Jetty, where Pengkalan Weld is. That’s why lah, people say, ‘Lau cheow pai, mai chui soo’ (old signs, don’t play the fool which means Chinese businesses do not like to change their signboard because it can change their fate (for worse) also.


This is one of the many dramatic, attention seeking acts from the has-been MCA and Gerakan politicians. This Lee Hack Teik was the assemblyman for Pengkalan Weld for many, many years. I used to work in Pengkalan Weld for more than 12 years and that place is still a slum today. My office moved to Jalan Larut and now, the poor building in Pengkalan Weld is turned into some dusty godown and mechanic shop.

So, what I want to say is, “HOI, Mr. Lee ah, people gave you a few terms as assemblyman before DAP took over the island. Where were you lah? Now, you are a has-been baru luan tang-luan sai lai cho hamik sai lah? And the UMNO Penang who melatah over every issue, why buat dunno plak?

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  1. Divert a bit. Yesterday I was very pissed off with TV3. They projected the word “MEMALUKAN” big big in the background. The news was referring to the kindy kids getting locked out by JKKK, and so much so that the news focused on emphasis on the fault of state government. Even taik also come and kepoh-kepoh. Beh tahan. Little bit matter on PR state government, tehre comes big bg news… where is the news when BN government screw up big time?

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  2. Aiyo, this is very typical of Malaysia lah, road can change name dozens of time until people confuse. Just like our education system. ( I think thats their plan – to confuse people!)

    Happy Niu year Lilian. You’ve been tagged 🙂

  3. mahagurusia – LOL, for a moment I mistaken you as Mahaguru58 and wonders why he tagged me.

    David – Ya….I watched the news for two days and it sickened me so much I am lost for words. The day before yesterday, they even interviewed a grown man crying (but pro-BN lah) talking like these kids are going to be slaughtered likedat. Kindies only mah, pintu kunci, balik tidur lah. They are using the kids like pawns.

    Wah…you must go back to vote again, the way the Perak issue is developing…

  4. Choi!! I am the original mahagurusia lah. You re read my blogger profile you will know. Long long time already I use this name 🙂 But its ok, you are not the first one who said that. Probably long time I am not active and people here not creative mah, so copy here copy there, this is Malaysia 🙂

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