What’s your price? RM50M?

Just imagine….

someone dangles RM50M in front of you.

Do you dare to say you won’t sell your soul for RM50M?

I think I will. Even if it is only RM5M, if I am desperate. It is enough to give my children and even grandchildren a pretty comfortable life.

What more if the deal doesn’t involve any lives of your loved ones. Only merely change the way the wind blows. After all, people sells their bodies for much less, like RM500 or even RM50 (at the backlanes, raba-raba only lah).

But then, before anyone dares to even dangle any carrot to the person, I am sure that person already has no integrity and is known to have no backbones or what Cantonese says, ‘guat hei’. That person already has a sign tattooed on his forehead – ‘Integrity for sale to highest bidder’.

So, someone is either giving a RM50M worth of bullshits…Wow, I think RM50M worth of shits of the bull will cover the whole universe….

Or our country has been sold to the devil. You see, we Christians are reminded by Jesus Christ – A servant cannot serve two masters. Either God or Money. Jesus never warns us about the setan. In the Bible, Jesus Christ never described the red devil, with horns, fangs and huge eyes. Jesus warned us about money. And we are slowly looking at this unfurling in our eyes. Never mind that you don’t believe in Jesus Christ. The point is – Money is the root of all evils. And the evil that is going to lead us into the future is rule by money.

But that’s not the end of it. The blogosphere is full of those tiny money setans who are helping along.

11 thoughts on “What’s your price? RM50M?

  1. I reserve to comment. You know the nature of my work lah.

    But hor, if 50M I might even bend down and pick up the bar of soap. LOL.

  2. In times like now, I am very glad that my ADUN (almost to 100% certainty) will not sell her soul for RM50mill. Like a canto series quote ‘A single matchstick can light up a lot of darkness.’ I am sure that there are those who have similar principle like her, for e.g., your MB. In truth the silvers are only meant for the likes of Judas like you said as written on their foreheads.

  3. rm50m…haha
    takut boh mia kai!!
    i want to live longer to see my sons & daughter marry, hv children, bla bla bla…..
    i dont want to be blown away!!

  4. Firstly..Gong Xi Fa cai to you..though a bit late, but belum chap goh mei mah!! hehee

    Secondly, your blog cannot be accessed using IE!! always operation aborted..

    and lastly..Rm50M???????? Wah!! thats a tempting amount of money..20M jackpot in sportstoto also make people crazy already..some more 50M buta-buta like that..! i also want lor..

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Vicodin????

  5. kadusmama – Your comment masuk spam bin lah. Sorry lah. I think it must be the falling ‘hearts’ (yang tak jadi) plugin that caused IE to screw up.

  6. Er…I think it should be “the love of money is the root of all evils”. The Bible doesn’t say it is wrong to have money or earn money, but it is wrong to love it at the expense of others including God.

    pablopabla´s last blog post..At whose expense?

  7. Just look at their background… no disrespect… there is a clerk… a postman… a retired army personnel… and u dangle 50m in front of them…hard to resist… very hard to resist.

    my friend said… 50m will not be able to buy his integrity. he has principles… he has his beliefs… 100m will…. hahahaha…

    we all have a price, just a matter of quoting the right price.

    Up next…. kedah and selangor!

  8. From a very reliable source, it seems that the jelapang prostitute only got rm2mil banked into her mother’s new stanchart akaun.the rest (rm3mil) will be banked-in on 15th feb.anyone from stanchart wanna volunteer info?

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