Fire dance yellow sands (dance of passion)

This has nothing related to politics. Only some silai chats. Hang around if you are interested. Go to Perak and support the mammoth rally tonight, at the MB’s residence stadium Ipoh if you are more interested in politics.


The weather here in Penang is so, so, so hot. I have just finished cooking jiu hoo char and had my lunch (at 3 pm). Now, I stinks of yau yee but my jiu hoo char is damn nice. It was meant to be my Chinese New Year dish but some plans were cancelled so I am cooking it for myself now. Eating jiu hoor char, drinking F&N orange and having leftover Mandarin oranges is so CNY-ish all over again. *sigh* I love CNY…

So, the weather is so hot, I had to turn on my aircond every afternoon. To save electricity, only my bedroom aircond is turned on. Kids and all crammed into my room to ber-siesta with me. I spend time watching Dance of Passion while my boys’ crazy frog toy is driving me nutz.


I discovered Dance of Passion from asian-drama dot com. The URL is here The story is dated sometime in 1920s in some desert in China. It is all about Chinese clans and the inferior status of women back in those times. With Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai, it has to be good.

And why is it interesting? ‘Cos hor…there was this guy Kenny who is impotent. But in order for him to be the head of the clan, he must produce a son. He has two wives. One is Maggie Siu. They got him Charmaine Sheh as the yee lai with intention to get her to ‘ta chong’ aka kacukan. LOL, they got her drunk and the impotent husband Kenny got Moses Chan, his hengdai to do some ‘scientific IVF’ minus the scientific part.

I only watched up to episode 14. The whole series have 32 episodes but I have also watched episode 32. My son said I siao ‘cos I always read the last page of a book and now, I watch the last episode of TVB series. I guess I am a bit siao to go for spoilers. But then, wouldn’t it be nice if our lives have spoilers or the ending flashed in front of us before we live till the end?


Oh ya, McD harga runtuh it’s lunch. I took my boy there during lunch because they have the value meal at only RM5.95. It is a regular size meal which normally costs RM9.85 or something like that. Double cheeseburger, fillet o’ fish, chicken burger, nuggets all harga runtuh. Only available for lunch from 12-3pm on Mon to Friday. McD in Tesco was packed. But I notice there is not a single Malay customer. Hmmm….is the boycott McD (and I heard KFC too) working? I hope KFC also harga runtuh’s it KFC Tower Zinger.


Oh ya, The Gem of Life episode 76 is getting so boring. The whole series are about to end and yet, it is so draggy. I would recommend Dance of Passion anytime over The Gem of Life. Dance of Passion was a 2006 production.

I am not sweating anymore. Now go take a bath and then, take a nap. I hope they don’t also steal Kedah away while I am sleeping.

9 thoughts on “Fire dance yellow sands (dance of passion)

  1. Bet you had nightmare of ‘forking’ frogs in your nap especially that limping one who’s so ‘boh-ka-si to challenge your hero LGE. The Silver state drama is so ‘kan-cheong’ I’ve lost 2 nights of sleep already!

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..2009 Year Of The OX FROG!

  2. i still don’t understand why they boycott McD just because they are Americans. but just a simple reminder, didn’t they realized that ALMOST all the employees there working are malay. so now, who is the one giving them opportunity to earn money?

    Bosscat´s last blog

  3. Dear Lilian, I agree with you, the weather in Penang is sooooooo hot. Anyway, i would like to introduce you to a Singaporean serial drama, it’s called The Little Nyonya. It receives good response in Singapore according to my friend. I went to youtube and watched the 1st episode. Indeed, it’s soooo good. Don’t worry about the language, because there is English Subtitles. 😀

  4. we people in Sarawak afraid of water. everyday raining. some flood prone areas even hit by flood more that once in a span of one month.

  5. Have to ‘Tenkiu’ INFANT for introducing that Singaporean serial drama ‘THE LITTLE NYONYA’ in Youtube. It’s good and I’m hooked!
    Normally, I don’t fancy watching family dramas especially Mandarin ones, but somehow this one is exceptional. Maybe it’s because of the rich Peranakan heritage settings that many of us local Chinese can relate to.

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..2009 Year Of The OX FROG!

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