Something happened to Wingz’s seven year old son which I think should be highlighted for all parents to be aware. His classmate used a pencil to jab the eye of Wingz’s son which caused cornea injury.

Please read the poor boy’s trauma here on Rojak’s blog.

Wingz asked several questions. (brackets are my answers)

1. What kinda 7 yrs old kid that can be so violent?

(Too much exposure to violent shows on TV and no proper parents guidance so most kids are like that lor)

2. Why is there no one from the school even bother to contact us (the parents?) a kid risking losing his eyesight permanently is not a serious matter or no one give a damn? Must wait until after school only the parents should learn about it?

(Biasa ler, one teacher in charge of over 40 students so they cannot totally notice all children. So, it is important to teach our children to be assertive and bugs the teacher if they or their friends have problems.)

3. If his conditions worsen who shall be held responsible?

(Can sue the other parent? Can also sue the school. Soon-pin sue the Government. But in reality, no one lor.)

4. What is the ministry of education complain department tel no and email address? Does anyone here have this infos?

(You can bring the case to the local district Education department. But before you can do anything, you need concrete proof. Like asking the headmaster to get the teacher. Then, lodge the complain. Investigate which boy did it. Then, the headmaster must call the other parent. So that you can give the father a punch and the mother a ‘tiu nia mah, lei tim kau chai geh?’. If the school did not co-operate, threaten them you are going to complain to the Education department, sure they lai liu in their pants.)

5. Who is gonna bear my kid’s medical bill now that we are the victim here?

(Sindiri tanggung cos we are in Malaysia mah. But if the other parent admits, which I doubt, you can ask them and see?)

6. What kinda “proper” disciplinary action shall the school take on the boy who did this to my son?

(Seven years old kid, hard to discipline one. This one sure the parents pampered or neglected until become so violent.)

7. Is the public school safe for children?

(Definitely not. The ratio of teachers to students is too imbalance. But not all schools are so bad. My son had injured himself in school and they have very good Persatuan Bulan Sabit teacher to attend to them. But then, my son’s school was a mission school and the administration is still quite ok.)

So, parents, what do you think you will do if your kid kena injured like this in school and no one tells you about it?

Hope your son’s eye will be ok soon. If you need help to ‘cheong’ the school’s name or school headmaster or school teacher or the boy’s parents, tell us bloggers lah. We help you put up WANTED poster.