Wisdom itu cuma udara panas dan tahi kerbau

The joke of it. Some people die-die wanna defend other country people by not eating burgers but sendiri punya country, mati-mati wanna lawan each other with their bullheadedness.

The joke of calling each other the same race, same religion, same countrymen, same brotherhood but cannot solve one simple problem by sitting down and remaining calm.

Why must go on offensive and get all aggressive? What more at a holy place of worship?

Want to talk so much about Gaza, our country pun apa kurang? Though there are no deaths, the aggressiveness of dealing with our own issue pun apa kurang?

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The above is a screenshot I took from Anil Netto’s blog. Tell me if you are not digusted with our FRU people who fired tear gas, hurting little girls and elderly people? You can read Anil’s live report on his blog. Just press the ‘Play’ triangle button and you can read the minute by minute entry by Anil. Let’s pray for the Perakians. The Perakians who are oppressed by the might and powerful, greedy and zalim leaders and rulers.

Protest and tear gas rock royal city
Feb 6, 09 2:36pm
Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) fires several rounds of tear gas as more than 3,000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters converge for a protest march at the Ubudiah mosque – about 1km from Iskandariah Palace in Kuala Kangsar.


Wisdom, in the Bible is an elusive thing. There is a whole book on words of Wisdom in our Catholic Bible.

Today, we know that there is no such thing as wisdom. There is no such thing as wise rulers. These are all figment of our imagination.

And to that betrayal of the Chinese race, the Hee woman – I wonder how are you going to face your own conscience, your children, your relatives and your constituency? You said you are a DAP member for 20 years. 20 years of what? Waiting to become rich, famous and powerful? I wonder how your fellow comrades in DAP feel about your betrayal? For all the struggles Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and so many other members went through, you shove it all down the drain with your turncoat decision. A whole Perak state fell into the hands of BN because of you. The State that was previously represented by the three major races are now back to BN racist regime.

Everything poh chik. Ham kar chan. Tiu nia sing. Ciak sai.

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  1. You are right….they all ciak sai!!
    I am very disappointed and angry at the same time with His Royal Highness, whom is suppose to be a well educated and “seen” the world person but yet, when it comes to “benefits”, it outweighs all principals, logic, wisdom and conscious.
    Actually, come to think of it, now that this happened, it also dawn on me that there is no reason for all the Sultans(in Malaysia) to not accept BN back. The Sultans and BN have been brother in arms for the past 50 years, they are so comfortable with one another and each have unwritten understanding of one another. So, come to think of it, it is not surprising the the Perak Sultan prefers BN over PR.
    But whatever is done is done, like my in-laws in Ipoh said, “what to do, just continue with life and wait till next GE, then wipe them all off”.
    Really frustrating and goes to show what kind of law we have in Malaysia, banana law in Bolehland! TOOLAN!

  2. it was a suicide move for tht ex-DAP char bor, as far as political career is concerned. if i were her, I will quit, get all the money n move abroad. She will not go far in BN because of her skin colour and the PKR will never accept her back. To stand as an independent politician…who’s gonna support her? what an idiot!!

    JT´s last blog post..Go manual – The SUNNY F/16 rule

  3. JT – Yalor, she think she is Teresa Kok likedat so famous meh? Who is she? Nobody. People only support her for the DAP flag, now she is like a piece of cow dung jek. Really lah, the other two are corruption suspects. If let’s say their court case (which I bet will be ‘forgotten’) found them guilty, the seats will be vacated. So, this Hee woman is the last straw that tipped the balance hor?

  4. toolan & domino – You go see the cruelty of the FRU under the BN order? I read Anil’s post and feel so sad for him and also those children. Incidentally, he is our lecturer last week. To think that he got overwhelmed by tear gas and the kind folks shelter him in a masjid….This is truly the Almighty’s grace that we should strive for.

  5. listen ppl, I really like to hear what she has to say abt the reasons she quit DAP.
    Pls let me know if anyone finds any details. To go into hiding is a 100% cowardly move. She owes the Perak ppl an explanation. A call for a press conference from her should have been the first thing she could have done as a decent human being after meeting the Sultan. A by election should have been called, period. Let the ppl decide, the Sultan is merely conveying the voice of his fellow citizens.

    JT´s last blog post..Go manual – The SUNNY F/16 rule

  6. Hee woman thick skin. so what? now can live luxiouriously for the rest of her life. why want to risk calling press conference. nanti, gone missing like somebody.

  7. Lilian

    22 years in the party myself. I know one thing. It cuts deep knowing a physically challenged woman did this to the party that fed her family, herself, daughter and probably the whole family for 8 years. Seriously, I will like you to make this official –

    Stay away from Ipoh Padang tomorrow because our DPM and his fellow friends are turuning padang to enjoy Chinese New Year. I think Chinese should avoid this function so that you can have a better quality time with your family and friends. Better to stay away cos the grounds are slimmy with four frogs – one that jumped in and out and in and another that is half crippled. Hence, stay home – enjoy Astro, Wah Lai Toi and many others.

  8. The chao zhar boh take the money and cabut liao loh. With so many zeroes in her bank account now, no need to contest for the next election already lah. Sudah boleh retire and goyang kaki liao.

    This is the kind of cacated politician we have. I’m very tulanated right now. Malaysian politics is like a never ending sandiwara. Cis!

    iamyuanwu´s last blog post..Jolted awake

  9. Lillian, you said it right: curse them harm ka charn !! curse that prostitute of jelapang!! what else can you call a scum-of-the-earth who prostitute her ugly body & conscience for a couple of millions? curse her and her family for 10 generations! on behalf of the people of perak, i pray that one of her future grandchild will be born with 3 holes-in-the-heart and without a back-side hole.

  10. As a Perakian, I really feel so ashame of what had happen in the state that I were born. Hee, you make all the Perakian dreams go to drain. Well, Lilian – like you say, money is evil. She choose to have this way and the Perakian will remember that. BN, just wait for another few years. You win today and that does not mean you win forever.

    Erina´s last blog post..I Am Out Of My Shell

  11. Did you conme over to Jelapang, I was in tears . . . . I saw my people here in Jalapang putting out their frustration and anger over that bestard chow cha bo! She sold us out totally!

  12. Money is really the root of evil. Sapa jadi kerajaan, dia lah yg berkuasa. No matter which party pun, once dah duduk byk kerusi – they’ll feel so comfortable and they want more…and more…and more. Ada duit semua bleh jadi, takde duit kong pun no use loorrr!!!!

  13. Vent it out not only on the Hee Har lady…but also on the rest of the frogs as well as the ringleader. I think payback time comes – avoid all govt functions, do a silent boycott – see any of the boys in BN uniform come reaching to shake your hands…ignore them..tell your friends..neighbours. Tell them to wake up. They are about to sell our souls away to the highest bidder.

  14. Full grown adults liao, but still behave like kids, with this kind of childish play in Perak. Last night that DPM, freaking childish, on TV can say, PR started this, we didn’t start it, go ask them.
    For me, this kind of gang leader, see also want to throw shoe.
    No wonder many kids now don’t like school. Go there to waste time, the more you learn about Malaysia, the less you know! Maximum sien.

  15. That HEE-haw donkey/frog is now riding on the tiger’s back. I’m wondering how she can perform her duties for the next 4 years in Jelapang where she’s scorned and avoided like a diseased whore.

    JT, I don’t think her BN bosses will allow her to quit her seat and moved abroad to enjoy whatever wealth she’s claimed to have accumulated because a by-election is too risky and costly to them!

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..2009 Year Of The OX FROG!

  16. 9pek9bo – tenkiu for the ‘info’ wor. I was in class but managed to kautim using my mobile phone with internet access. Hehehe

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