Sunday also must rant

This is a very long rant, you shouldn’t read everything if you don’t want to go cuckcoo. For my loyal fansees, I will put a title so you can skip whichever part you don’t want to know.

I have been flitting in and out of the home since 9 + am this morning. This year, I didn’t make it to the Thaipusam procession. Usually, I would be in the midst of the crowd and action. A few times, I had even gone so close to Lord Murugan’s chariot, close enough to touch the bulls pulling the bullock cart. I think I am lucky to get so close, closer than most Hindu devotees.

It is already 10 pm now so it is a bit late to brave the crowd. The cars are parked right up to my area near the Race Course and that’s like several miles from the Waterfall Garden temple! I guess this year Thaipusam will have a much bigger crowd than usual because of the sentiments felt by our Hindu friends due to the current situation in our country.

This morning, I was very touched with Father FA when he asked us to pray along with our Hindu friends so that God may send the light to us. I feel very blessed to have priests who are in touch with the real world and its real issues. Father FA also asked us to pray with the Perakians.

I had mass at 10 am, a parents session with Martin Jalleh at 11.30 am, came home for a quick lunch and classes with Father Fab at 3 pm to 5 pm. During Father Fab’s class on theology, I felt myself slouching and slouching and slouching until only my head can be seen above the table level. I can actually feel the sting of the imaginary stares (of ‘good’ people whispering in their hearts, “Look at that woman! Slouching like a sloth! How can she call herself a mother, I wonder!). But I don’t care lah….I am physically tired but my mind absorbs the lesson well.

That’s when I realised what a hard time our children have in school. My class has aircond, nice sound system and conducive lights. Though the lessons on basic theology is very heavy, it is not so bad because Father Fab’s is a very intellectual person who throws controversial issues for our reflections. Sigmund Freud, Karl Barth, Karl Marx, Bible verses, dogma, doctrine bla bla bla bla…. So, if after a whole year of course (yes, it lasts a whole year, but only twice a month) and I still don’t learn much, at least I will learn empathy for the youths and children for the shitty times they have to spend in school. At least I know what a bore it is to learn something that we do not feel we need to know at that moment. You get what I mean? Like why do we need to learn dy/dx in Add Maths, why do we need to know what chemical mix with what chemical to produce what smell, why do we need to learn history when Hang Tuah can change skin colour…etc etc.

On to more rants….

I think vehicles who tail behind screeching ambulance are scums of the earth. We were in the underpass at Jalan Udini. The underpass is very narrow with only one lane. So, hubby slowed down, move to the side to let the ambulance pass. A lot of stupid, morons drivers usually do not give two hoots to screeching ambulance and fire engine and they usually don’t give way…..And this Honda Accord was right behind the ambulance, driving at the same speed. Scums…if the ambulance apply emergency brake, the driver in the car will need a van from the morgue to pick him up.

We wanted to go to Butterworth but the jam on the bridge was bad, so we ended up going to dinner somewhere in Bayan Baru. So, there was this boy about 12-13 years. He dropped his wallet. I tapped on his back, asked him if that is his wallet. He picked it up, and did not even acknowledged or give me an appreciative look! He acted like I didn’t exist! Niamah, I should have pretended not to see it. Not that I expect him to say ‘thank you’ but at least give a grin, a nod or something. That’s the reality today, many kids are zombie-fied, a nicer word for no courtesy.

Next week, I will only go to Mt. Miriam for one last time. Thinking about it during mass is about to break my dam. It is probably the most sombre place on earth, seeing dying people, getting to know people that I managed to know for only a few months/weeks and some days before they passed on……but the last seven months have been most enriching to me. I still haven’t give up my desire to take the Clinical Pastoral Education course to be a full fledge pastoral care worker (please note pastoral care is not the same as social worker) but the cita-cita saya have to go to the back burner for the time being. Hubby is starting work the following week. I am going to miss the routine of the voluntary pastoral care so much. I will miss the quiet chapel on the fifth floor. I will miss Miss C who is the only person I know the longest in Mt. Miriam….(the rest have passed on in the last seven months I was with Mt. Miriam).

Starting the following week, I will need to ferry kids from kindie to secondary school to college. I think I will end up a psycho one day. I reminded my kids to buy me a steering wheel and let me play computer games when I have gone cuckoo picking and dropping them when I was sane.

If things don’t go well, I will either need to buy a third car or get my secondary school sons to take the public bus home after school. But knowing how resilient and what a survivor I am, probably, I will be happily sipping tall black at some swanky coffee joints with my laptop, blogging while waiting for the sons to finish their classes. I shall leave it to God, que sera sera.


9 thoughts on “Sunday also must rant

  1. I just came back from the general hospital here. I am not as strong as you. Going to hospital is a very heavy task for me. Indeed today on my way back home, I saw a patient’s relative crying. I saw an emergency is going on in the room. I know what is going on and I almost come to tear. Gee… I have to go to hospital for quite sometime from now on. I hope the bad will go soon and let the good one comes.

    Choonie´s last blog post..Rainy days make me want to have this….

  2. Maybe you can let your eldest go on bike and #2 & #3 take the school bus while you only concentrate on ferrying little Matthew to/from kindie. That way hor you at least can have free slot from 9am-12pm, mah won’t go cuckoo lor…….*Imagine a cuckooed Lilian holding tight to a steering wheel playing F1 computer games*

  3. Phew, Very Cheong Hei!!!

    Wuah! Mr.Loh going back to work wor. Best regards to him.

    Que Sera Sera. Amen.

  4. domino – He can’t take the bike right now bcos they are wearing uniforms consisting of three piece suit, tie with jacket and all. And then, their lecture hours sot-sot dei, different day different time wor. My #3 baru 12 yrs old, so I mm fong sum let him take bus lor.

  5. GH very sad place one. Those sick patients, waving at those who passed by their beds, asking for simple help all very common. But usually, if I am visiting a relative, I just ignore the rest lor.

  6. Wah ferry kids here and there, u’re more BOLEH than M’sia! I wonder how’s the school bus fare these days… The last time (which is years ago) I paid was RM5x a month…

    kyh´s last blog post..Kek Lok Si glitters

  7. kyh – the school bus fare is quite reasonable; RM50-RM70/month to/fro depending on the distance. I find it more economical to use the school bus unless you can car-pool or you are fetching more than two children to the same school. Besides, the traffic jam, the heat, the travelling time………grrrrr!


    maybe his/her sick parents is in the ambulance and they are tailing the ambulance to the hospital? maybe their kids are in the ambulance. Maybe…

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