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This morning, I got this link from Haris’s post. It is about a blogger, Marcus’s little thoughts. He passed away a few days ago and his elder brother continues from where he left. His brother, David has left a beautiful note for Marcus who is at the other side now. It is so raw, so real, so touching, so sad.

Many times, we forget that we have limited time here on earth. Usually, we live like we are going to live forever. Sadly, it is not. What has happened to Marcus is a reminder to us to treasure those we care and live life to the fullest.

So, do read David’s note for Marcus. I hope you are find strength and hope in what David said to Marcus. Marcus has lived a beautiful life and from the tributes from those who know him, we know that Marcus has made the best of what God has given him and I am sure Marcus is with the angels now, fulfilled that he has touched many lives in his short time here on earth.

I cannot imagine the grief Marcus’s parents and two brothers feel with his passing but from David’s post, I am comforted that they have Jesus to journey with them through these dark days until their pain gets a little lesser each day. I lost my own son before and I know the most important thing to help those who grieve is faith. The Christian faith promises resurrection with our loved ones in Heaven. The Christians’ saviour, Jesus Christ is closest to our hearts when we are the weakest. Rest in peace, Marcus. Though I do not know you, your blog tells us what a great guy you are.

It has taken me a whole day to decide if I want to share this on my blog. But folks, life is like that. Read it, but get some tissues first.

2 thoughts on “Little thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing Marcus’s Little Thoughts… it is indeed beautiful and touching. Makes me wonder about my own life…

  2. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for some time but have never left a comment. Somehow after reading your post about Marcus, I felt the time is right for me to finally leave a comment.
    I’ve been reading his blog and also the tributes. Just like you, although I don’t know him and never will, he has made a very lasting impression on me. For one so young, he has shown tremendous maturity and courage.

    Cheers Lilian, from another Lillian

    Lillian´s last blog post..Nyonya Cafe @ New World Park

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