People….I am going to KL for a short trip.

I will be passing by the Perak state when I am on my way to KL.

So, kawan-kawan sekalian, siapa mau tumpang telor busuk bagi saya baling? All those leftover eggs which your mother bought for making kuih kapit?

Saya boleh detour to Jelapang for you.

Anyway, I will have internet access with my Acer and Celcom unlimited broadband. So, all you spammers and sour-grapers and mulut celopar punya commentors, don’t bother. I will delete comments.

I am glad to go to a state with rain. It hasn’t rain in Penang for weeks and weeks and weeks already. So, I hope Ipoh and other parts of Perak and KL will rain, rain, rain. I better go take some vitamins first….*winks* to avoid getting flu.