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Christmas, New Year, new school year and now, Chinese New Year have drained all the energy from me. I am so glad the children had a week’s off from school but it also means more work now that school begins. I am going to fizzle out like a flat tyre because of the extra classes I am attending and the assignments that I need to do on top of the routine things.


In busy and hectic times like these, I normally boost up my immunity with some vitamins and health supplements. Evening primose oil, milk thistle, fish oil and vitamin A, C and E are my regular and dependable health supplements. Otherwise, I will be down with flu, bad mood swings due to PMS and bad skin from the lack of sleep. This is where Blackmores Power+Bottle campaign comes in handy.


At different phases in our lives, we need different kind of health supplements. Instead of depending only on our pharmacists, we can now use the interactive site from Blackmores Power+Bottle to find out what we need.

I have so much fun clicking and dropping the things I need into the Blackmores bottle and then, have them analyzed which vitamins I need now and also for my future health concerns. Their graphics are so pretty with all those bunches of herbs and flowers used in their products coming to life, bouncing all over the screen. The best thing is the flowers will bloom when we share with our friends what we are taking. I have added the application to my Facebook already.

After answering the few questions on the interactive site, I found out that I should get something to help with my weight management. With so much drinking and eating since Christmas, my clothes are getting tight. Now that Chinese New Year is over, maybe I will embark on it.


Though I don’t mean to sound like some health supplement promoter, I have taken Blackmores since I was in my 20s. My usual selections are Evening Primrose Oil, vitamins to help with my tendency to fall sick and now, at my age, I also take Milk Thistle as part of my detox program.

Now you know why I don’t have so many PMS swings…………..

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  1. Lilian, you obviously believe in taking supplements. Do you think they really work? IMHO, Unless one is malnourished, a strict vege or suffers from long term illness, taking these supplement is just a waste of time. Most comes out from the other end and get flushed away.

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