Think bullock cart so big ah?


I may bullshit a lot but I bullshit with integrity one.

I don’t simply tembak.

I don’t like fickle-minded people.

I don’t give rat ass to indecisive staffs.

Make up your mind, tell me what you want and I will deliver exactly what is requested.

I don’t mislead my blog readers.

I don’t say I use something that I don’t use.

I am clever with white lies but I don’t lie.

And nobody tells me what to do, even with stack of money.


Give them weeks ago, never revert.

Revert time, want within hours.

Pigi dah.

Balik lah, unta.

21 thoughts on “Pordah

  1. 1. Did I send any sms? (NO)

    2. Did I send any emails? (NO)

    3. Did I miss your birthday? (Still months to go)

    4. Did I miss Valentine’s? (2 more days wor)

    Ok, its not me. Bwahahaha!!! Niamah!!!

  2. Lilian, after let go oredi feel so good, right?? Hahaha, I hope now you can laugh about it! I wish I could do the same when I am so geram too!Maybe I should start blog and rant, rant, rant!

    PS: I just found out,while going thru your other posts,there’s another Momo who is your reader.Maybe I chance name??

  3. Momo – Maybe it so happened same name. But hor, I got crazy people who used my name and post hate comments on other people’s blog to rub shit on me. Then, not enough, open blogs just to kapsiao kaplan. Nay, Kadusmama knows also.

  4. I think I know what u mean. I also “given them weeks ago, but never revert”. I hope they won’t “revert time, want within hours”.

    I had this for the previous one (not unta). I was in full day workshop (I was d organizer + moderator). They called in morning and want revert by 3pm. It was impossible for me. I told them I quit. So tempted to curse them! But finally they gave more time. ­čÖé That one, also changed mind and add requests so many times. So xian to edit again and again with new requests…

  5. suzette – Yalor, this one kasi big big stack of documents and I have to ask my hubby, no, plead with my hubby to help me read through. So, I cracked head to summarise the big stack and after three edits, they come back and say my post too high level. Niamah. I told the ‘middleman’ already, I don’t play like this one. They can go play far far or trust in my approach.

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