Khir Toyo mai Penang protest kat rumah Karpal Singh (malaysiakini)

According to Malaysiakini, Khir Toyo was ‘picked up’ over aborted protest. Ish, if I have been made aware of it earlier, I will be there to capture the video. Damn….I can put my three weeks of citizen journalism course into action.

Somemore hor…I can consult KT personally, nak tanya pasal awet muda cara tempe. Berapa lorry load punya tempe kena makan, tok?

Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and a local Umno Youth leader were picked up by the police for questioning in an aborted protest march against veteran parliamentarian Karpal Singh in George Town today.

I want to see how people can afford to protest sana-sini over one single Karpal Singh. Tak payah kerja kah?

Seriously…do they need to spend so much time and energy on one single Karpal Singh?

Police also stayed guard outside Karpal’s bungalow to thwart any untoward incidents and seized banners with anti-Karpal, anti-Pakatan, pro-Malay and pro-Umno slogans.

Police chief: It’s an illegal gathering

Addressing those present with a loud hailer, Mohd Zaidi said: “Even though the police may have stopped us today, our Malay spirit will never die.”


10 thoughts on “Khir Toyo mai Penang protest kat rumah Karpal Singh (malaysiakini)

  1. Wahhh…dia mari,ah..? Did he get any “permit” from LGE for his entry to Pg since they also plan to ban Karpal from entering Perak? We apply the same agreement to them..Penangites don’t welcome “him” at all,la…

  2. 9pek9bo – Friday got ‘lesen’ mah…..

    boon kheng – Yalor, one person’s opinion only, they wasted all manpower on them. The taxpayers are paying the police salary for handling these morons.

    Mel – Yalor, so funny hor. They act like the palace itself got no voice, must use them to defend it.

  3. Waaah…. the President of Umno’s Bad Loser Club came all the way to Penang to kacau Karpal! Poor fler (I mean Botox Face) has had no real work since 9 March 2008… sure fraskes one, tried his grubby hand at Kok-beating, but got whacked for RM30 million instead…. now must lawan KJ, turun padang buat like baboon in heat. Kesian dia sikit ler….

  4. Well, certain unemployed dentist is definitely trying his best to thump his chest and claim that he is the saviour of a certain race. My believe is that he deserves nothing but a middle finger and we hope he continues to do so and see how far he goes. I am certain that he is full of ketam and sotong. Dentists are good people. He is not one of them.

  5. selangor pun awak tak leh jaga, nak pi kacau penang la pulak. pilih satu tempat bertanding kat adun kat penang.
    silap haribulan dr khir kenan halau dengan batang penyapu

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