Wednesday morning, in IKEA…

Me : Oi, you two better be careful, you two ponteng sekolah one, later Brother Paul appeared baru tau. (Bro Paul is their school headmaster. We bumped into Bro Paul in IKEA before)

Sons : Brother Paul boh eng la, he is leaving June, now sure busy settling everything before he leaves school.

Wednesday around 3 pm at One Utama……

Jeng jeng jeng….

Talking about the devil….
Brother Paul was going up the escalator while we were going down. No escape!!!!! Mana mau lari?

So, we waved and nodded to him.

After that…

#2 Son : Die lah…come to KL every time also can bumped into him.

Me : Heh, I told you I got fate with your handsome headmaster mah…LOLOLOL

# 3 Son : Wonder what he is doing here hor? He also ponteng sekolah?

Anyway, it is not so much a ponteng sekolah lah. I actually don’t like the idea of hubby driving alone to KL on a day trip. So, I suggested to take the kids along to keep him company lorrr…..This is call filial piety, tau kah? Bukan ponteng sekolah. Ini dipanggil kesetiaan, kehormatan dan akur kepada bapak. Boleh faham?