So, I really wasted 82 episode times average 43 minutes of my life watching The Gem Of Life.

That is 58 hours or 2 days and 10 hours. But then, I watched it online on while playing computer games, writing paid posts, reading news and blogging so I did not really wasted that many days watching this super boring, super predictable The Gem of Life series from TVB.

Firstly, there is not chemistry between the couples. Only Ada Choi carried it off with the very, old rich tycoon. When she played the sot-sot-dei Jessica after her son’s death, she looks so spooky. I hate Maggie Siu cold facade and she doesn’t gel with Bowie Lam. Moses Chan is so ‘poh-ma’ and ‘lor-lor-so-so’ with his marriage, divorce and then, trying to get back to Constance aka Gigi Lai. I never like Gigi Lai because of her ‘manja-ness’. I cannot figure out how the hell they go put that over age Ah Fatt to play the third party throughout the show.

The only convincing couple is David Chiang and his Alzheimer’s wife. If every husband and every man is like the role David Chiang played….

Wong Hei is a really good actor but unfortunately they gave him such doormat role. I farking hate the Bruce Lee spectacle they gave to poor Wong Hei.

the gem of life

BTW, who is the mother of all SEO? The 5xmom of course. No. 2 on Yahoo Singapore for The Gem Of Life. Hah! I am working on Google now. Hehehe.

So, yeah, actually I am not giving spoilers on The Gem of Life. Who cares who got together with who lah! Read my blog and local Malaysian politics more chikek than watching The Gem of Life.

That Sunny aka Kenny is actually quite a good actor, playing the gay guy who loves Calvin aka Bowie Lam. This Kenny also played the impotent husband in Dance of Passion. Is he gay in real life too?

Finally, the whole series is kautim. Don’t bother to watch The Gem of Life, unless you watch it online. FOC. There is almost no storyline except for power struggle.