I am picturing myself as the tai kam poh

I am by marriage, a grandauntie. It was only 20 years later that my eldest sister’s children made me another grandauntie.

My hubby’s eldest nephew is the same age as him because my mom-in-law was still procreating like how God told Sarah to. So, can you imagine my mom-in-law pregnant and her two older daughters also pregnant along with her?

I cannot imagine…really…..

I wonder if they discuss about their pregnancies together, sex life…ok ok, I am not supposed to be disrespectful to my mader-in-law.

Then, my hubby’s nephew got married very early. The nephew and nieces were already procreating when I think my hubby was still a virgin boy. Go figure….

So, one of hubby’s nephew’s daughter is getting married next Saturday. God’s mysterious way has put her in my life. I usually do not meddle with the lives of the in-laws family. But this dear girl actually consulted me when she was battling between with the decision of studying Form Six (parent’s wish) and becoming a nurse (her own wish). I told her to go for her desired career and vocation as a nurse because nursing is a vocation (vocation is a sacred calling from God, as far as we Christians are concerned).

God’s grace has made her happily settled down as a nurse in an operating theatre.


So, she is getting married next weekend but they are not planning to spend a lot of money on all the pomp of a Chinese wedding. Smart girl. Her mom asked me if I can be the tai kam poh. LOL.

I told her I will take care of the tea ceremony, boiling the red dates tea and also the ‘receive bridegroom’ tea. Her family is the rare Christians in our very large extended family. In fact, her family and my family are the only ones.

So, you can imagine the number of aunties, koo mah, koo cheh, yee mah, pat pohs who are highly superstitious. When you are a Christian bride marrying into a non-Christian family, there are sticky situations that must be ironed out early on.

Therefore, I think there is no other people more ‘qualified’ than this grandauntie to be the tai kam poh. After all, I wrote a post about ‘Can a Christian bride hold joss-sticks?’ back in 2005.

So, yeah, the things I got myself into.

16 thoughts on “I am picturing myself as the tai kam poh

  1. Wei, this is serious shit you know. Better offer yourself as the photographer lah.

    The tai kam poh have to save a lot of nice words that rhymes leh. You sure ar?

  2. Ah Beng – That’s why they don’t want to hire the patpoh lor. Cilaka, you think I am going to utter all those stuffs ah? Niamah.

  3. Ehem… I found this from the 2005 post…

    “If you have a ‘tai kam poh’ or whatever you call that big, loud mouth, sugar-laced tongue, overly dressed old lady who organised the ceremony…..”

    Wakakakaka.. Now imagine our ‘tai kam poh’ to-be with big, loud mouth, sugar-laced tongue and most importantly, overly dressed!

  4. aD – yalor, it is like I am predicting my own ‘future’. Out of the above, I think only one fits me. BIG. The rest tarak.

  5. Nowadays the Ah Chehs oso need to know how to sing kala ok, dance a bit and yam seng!They are oso younger and dressed better. Then can get big, big ang pow!

    Wah, the Ah Peks at the wedding want to kau them lo.

  6. Robb- Yerrr…..that one hor, like Chinese ghost story where the bride wears red pajamas, the face pale, hair long long and then, she sendiri comb because she was raped and the bridegroom doesn’t want her….Scare me liao.

  7. Terence – I didn’t say I won’t be the photographer wor. Lucky they find an MC or else I also pau-sai the job. Actually good wei, next time my sons get married, I chi-kei lei, save me thousands of ringgit.

  8. I forgot to mention hor, last time, my hired photographer ended up with the job unofficially cos we all didn’t know what to do. He was very good! The secret? Just make everybody laugh and laugh. Everyone likes a good laugh at a wedding.

    mumsgather´s last blog post..A blissful Valentine’s Day

  9. The tea ceremony is very interesting. They take making tea very serious. They say if the taste of tea is affected depending on how skilled you are at the ceremony.

    It’s a delight to watch especially when someone is well trained. Like an art

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