My Valentine’s Day

A boring post I am typing…..about my boring day….

8.30 am – Woke up with jolt. Mandi. Still got time so I decided to prepare my lunch so that I don’t need to go out for lunch later on.

Masuk dapur and see what I can salvage from the fridge. Fried rice. Cook instant mee for breakfast. So kohlian hor?

9.32 am – Reached Aliran’s office for the course on Citizen Journalism.

Today’s topic is about video filming and I am learning from sifu (missed his name cos by the time I got here, he is already teaching) about the camera set up.


Since I have some basic knowledge about DSLR camera, the terms are not foreign to me. But I think some of my coursemates’ heads are spinning when he talked about those lingoes and the old skool camera.


Lunch break….Will add later.


My fried rice with fresh button mushrooms, olive oil, egg, garlic, luncheon meat and XO seafood sauce is damn nice. With thermos flasks, I get hot coffee, warm rice. Ubah gaya hidup.


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