Bas sekolah auntie


I am going to sit here and stare at this chart till reality hits.

*I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it,
I think I can do it, I think I can do it, I think I can do it
I think so lah I can, I think so lah I can, I think so lah I can
Yerrr…I can meh? Yerrr….really meh?*

Shopping list :

SPF 50 sunblock

Arm socks

Dark glasses

I will give myself one week trial. If tak boleh, we will buy a new Myvi. The SE orange colour costs RM53,400. Nice wor.

15 thoughts on “Bas sekolah auntie

  1. Buy Myvi. Looking at the schedule, you can even let the eldest detour from KDU to take the #2 & #3 from SXI on some of the days. Btw, really the orange one costs cheaper meh? How much is the other colours?

  2. domino – No lah, the orange one much more expensive with leather seats and reflector. All cosmetics nia. The low end can get for about RM47K. I am like the royal family leh….You know lah…I prefer to drive like turtle…

  3. terence – But hor, I scared recession, the price drops and then, cannot sell next time. So, I will try to juggle and see how first. That day we saw and about to pay cash and drive one home. Now got plenty of stock.

  4. Aiyo!!! Dun buy brand new!! You want I sell you mine!! Aug 07, SE with leather seats and all… but I seong la.. havent even finished paying the interest I think.. Lousy malaysian cars!!! Buy Honda City!!!! I wish I had!!

  5. there will be a very low resale value .. at present for Toyota Vios 08 stock , there is almost $4K discount and take it b4 March 09 , government subsidy too .. good choice !!!

  6. Sap sap sui la. Just worry about not reaching at the place punctually. I don’t like the traffic condition is Penang, especially around Convent Green Lane area. In Penang, the best way is to going around with motorbike.

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  7. Recession or not, car prices in MY will still depreciate.
    But when you are buying cash, you don’t lose out so much when or if you do sell it in future.

    Buy! Buy! Buy! LOL.

  8. Wah, looking at that schedule, good idea to get a MyVi, otherwise you need to include additional 10 to 15 mins for re-fueling….sounds like F1 liao!
    Orange color one ah……ehhhhh, think white or black nicer loh.

  9. put big divx dvd player in car for yr soap opera, instal toilet in car….then no need to come out frm car, sure can do it one

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