I found the link through The Star. So, I hopped over to http://tilianker.blogspot.com/ because the news on The Star made me WTF-king is he talking about.

So, I read the Natok belog long-long bcos hor, I don’t understand wth he is getting at. After many many times reading, I notice how pathetic it is to be MCA politicians because their world is paint in black and white, PAS and PAS only.

Let’s not even go into the chauvinist tones he displayed over there. It makes me want to go and bitch slap men like that. He actually said on The Star, ” was appalled when Gombak MP Azmin Ali showed little sympathy and took the moral high ground.” So, I thought, aha, here we have a man who displays sympathy. Since he is a Natok, I bet he must be wise and able to articulate his thoughts well. Moreover, he is a leader worrrr…don’t play-play you know.

But sorry lah, Datuk Ti whoever you are, I am a blogger, a woman and I do not belong to any policital parties. Yet, I just have to diss you because to me, you are also a blogger, just like me. Here are what I wish to say to you, in points:

1) You need to open your eyes a bit first before you blog. Helloooo…everyone knows it is Khir Toyo who is the one on the moral high ground. Even KLCC also not as high as Khir Toyo moral highground. Why you keh-si, keh-si, char-tai pan mong, (pretend, act blind, hokkien and canton rojak) never mention it?

2) I personally find you very humsup lou, like those lewd old men at massage parlour from the way you described Eli’s. (read the fonts in red?) It is scary that such descriptions can flow out of a man, a politician, a leader. *eeee…geli nyer*

3) Your insistence about Chua Soi Lek vs. single girl having sex issue is just too back-dated. Which era are you from ah? This is a clear display of the Chinese, imperial times, feudalism bla bla bla type of MCP, male chauvinist pig! Though you dare not say it out loud, I know you are thinking aloud that it is fine for married men to have many concubines but all non-virgin girls are to be ‘cham chee loong’. You know what? You are worst than the PAS you described.

4) I seriously do not see what’s the fuss with PAS. PAS leaders never stood up for Eli. If I read correctly from the news, it is the woman politician Dr. Lo Lo who did it. I presume it is a woman thing to protect the sisterhood. So, your rant that goes on and on about PAS bending rules is just bollocks. Eh, don’t be so paranoid about getting stoned to death, ok? At least, it is not as bad as getting our taxpayers hard earned money siphoned.

Moreover, Datuk Ti, I think a person in your capacity should display some sense of restrain. It is fine for si-lai bloggers like me to rant without much thoughts. But for you to jump to conclusions, making assumptions and putting up Hilmi Malek’s photo is just a bit dramatic and attention seeking. You also said that you have viewed those photos which the police have warned us not to circulate. Now, are you showing good examples?

In conclusion, I am glad to find your blog. It just make me wiser to make sure that all my sons don’t grow up to be politicians.