Subliminal messages

Sometimes, we may failed to hear the real message when we talk to little kids. Sometimes, a little voice in our heart tells us to ‘Listen up!’ and you go “ahaaaaa….so, that’s what the kid is trying to say.”

Few nights ago, while my little boy of five (going to be six next week) was wearing his pajamas, ready for bed, he asked me, “Mom….can I wear my school uniform to bed?”

Usually, my hubby, the housekeeping manager (‘cos I am the messy manager) will lay out all the boys uniform on the couch the night before. For my little boy, he will also put a ‘preferred’ boxer with the uniform.

So, I replied, “Hahahahaha….joking…..Where got people wear school uniform to bed?”

My boy replied, “Got mah…CJ7. That boy wore his uniform to sleep after his papa died.”

In the haste of getting him to bed, I quickly change subject, “CJ7 got magic power hor? The movie is very nice, right? I LURVE CJ7. So cute!”

And that’s it.

Next morning, my hubby called us at 8.30 am as usual. (because he knows I tend to oversleep and anyway, he got nothing to do cos his work starts at 9 am but he reached early after dropping the older two boys) That’s when I reliased what my boy is trying to tell me. He missed the father changing uniform for him!

I quickly related what the boy asked me the previous night. And they talked for a while on the phone. The first two days, my little boy will be trying hard not to cry but I can see a drop of tears at the corner of the eyes.

Later in the afternoon when both my boy and I were walking home, after kindie.

I asked him, “Do you miss papa?”

He was in a good mood. Usually, after school, he will tell me about his fun time in class and he is all excited to get home and finish his homework (God…please make this permanent)

And he said so casually, “NO lah! I don’t NEED to USE him also. I can USE YOU mah….”

Doh….So, that kid only need us because he NEED to USE us to wash his butt, get him his meals, buy him stuffs….

6 thoughts on “Subliminal messages

  1. Hi!
    Ya, thats the way to laugh hahahahha!!!!…dont ever laugh heeheehee!! reminded my friend. Throw d hee out.;-)

  2. 🙂 so we the mother is the kuli only la!! hehee my son was like that too..when my hubby not around, he will be sad not because he misses my hubby, but more likely sad because nobody going to draw his hellboy and clean his butt when he pooped!! Hahaa (I don’t do the cleaning!!)

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Couple having sex in a x-ray room??????

  3. mindy – Hahaha, really lor, smack right there on the facts.

    kadusmama – Only we mamas perasan sangat about love, the kids very pratical hor?

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