Thank God, everything went beautifully. My red dates, longan tea tastes so fragrant and sweet, leaving everyone’s mouth with only sweet words.


This here is uncle Matthew wishing his ‘niece’ and ‘nephew-in-law’ good luck in their marriage. He has uncle status because the bride is the daughter of his cousin. Go figure…


I love taking photos from this angle because it gives the awesome feeling of being the king and queen of the function. The magnificent view of the bridge and groom marching into the banquet hall.


Uncle Matthew playing with yet another ‘niece’ from another cousin.


Tea ‘cooker’ become tea drinker. Sigh…at my age, I have plenty of tea ceremonies to attend because there is a whole host of nephews, nieces, grandnephews, grandnieces’ weddings to attend. But then, thank God for big families.


I enjoyed the wedding dinner because it is simple, has a good band and though the food is not much to shout about, it is understandable due to budget constraints. After all, why spend thousands of ringgit on a banquet table when guests never really appreciate the food anyway? The wedding dinner at Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel costs only RM438 per table.

The band they hired is rather good. If you are planning an event, do contact them. Starz Music Academy. Tel. 042828315, email starzmusicacademy(@) There is no jinjang music like Oh keloh, ayam buttock full (copyright by Just easy listening English and Mandarin songs with saxaphone, keyboard and there are four of them in the band. I think they have ‘filtered’ their voice through the computer to make the voices much pleasant but who cares.


Wedding dinners are where my kids and I usually laughed ourselves silly. I tried to get drunk on orange juice with red wine and managed to get a bit tipsy. After the dinner, the hotel restaurant took out the fresh fishes and prawns which were not cook because they didn’t fill up some of the tables. So, my children took two and it was so funny to bring home fresh fish, like from the market.

And phew….glad my video went well without a hitch.