Another wedding, another status

Thank God, everything went beautifully. My red dates, longan tea tastes so fragrant and sweet, leaving everyone’s mouth with only sweet words.


This here is uncle Matthew wishing his ‘niece’ and ‘nephew-in-law’ good luck in their marriage. He has uncle status because the bride is the daughter of his cousin. Go figure…


I love taking photos from this angle because it gives the awesome feeling of being the king and queen of the function. The magnificent view of the bridge and groom marching into the banquet hall.


Uncle Matthew playing with yet another ‘niece’ from another cousin.


Tea ‘cooker’ become tea drinker. Sigh…at my age, I have plenty of tea ceremonies to attend because there is a whole host of nephews, nieces, grandnephews, grandnieces’ weddings to attend. But then, thank God for big families.


I enjoyed the wedding dinner because it is simple, has a good band and though the food is not much to shout about, it is understandable due to budget constraints. After all, why spend thousands of ringgit on a banquet table when guests never really appreciate the food anyway? The wedding dinner at Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel costs only RM438 per table.

The band they hired is rather good. If you are planning an event, do contact them. Starz Music Academy. Tel. 042828315, email starzmusicacademy(@) There is no jinjang music like Oh keloh, ayam buttock full (copyright by Just easy listening English and Mandarin songs with saxaphone, keyboard and there are four of them in the band. I think they have ‘filtered’ their voice through the computer to make the voices much pleasant but who cares.


Wedding dinners are where my kids and I usually laughed ourselves silly. I tried to get drunk on orange juice with red wine and managed to get a bit tipsy. After the dinner, the hotel restaurant took out the fresh fishes and prawns which were not cook because they didn’t fill up some of the tables. So, my children took two and it was so funny to bring home fresh fish, like from the market.

And phew….glad my video went well without a hitch.

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  1. Likedat also got? Can take home the uncooked fish and prawns? Wah… first time I hear this!Normally the family just come back for another dinner … the numbers based on how many tables ‘not opened’ during the wedding dinner.

    I have attended several wedding dinners and functions at this hotel.The food very little and not sufficient for 10 ppl. I was always hungry after dinner and had to go eat supper.I think the same apply at other hotels unless you pay RM500+ per table.

    Anyway, I always enjoy wedding dinners held at rented halls (eg. church, schools etc..)whereby the caterers come to cook at the premise.

    BTW, nice photos.It’s always nice to see the young people get married and start their families.

  2. when I got married, 95% of the guests were friends of my parents…all night…thank you, uncle here, thank you, aunty there…..and i had no clue who they were. It was a banquet for my parents to their friends of which I had no ojection to as they hav both worked very hard.
    Nonetheless, I promised next time when my son/daughter marry, it will be 100% their guests and in a much smaller scale. No relatives will be invited! It will be a much more cosy and intimate celebration. Afterall, it’s their wedding, not mine. If lagi ada spare money left, it will be a down payment for their new house/car/honeymoon. If possible, I may even request each guest to made a donation (which I will match ringgit for ringgit.) to a local charity/orphanage. The traditional wedding dinner waste too much money and food, it is also easily forgettable.
    well, tht’s the idea anyway.

    JT´s last blog post..Fishless Cycling

  3. RM438 is cheap. I dun think we can get anything in hotel at that price in Kuching. It is my first time to hear about bringing fresh fishes and prawns back. Usually, we will ask for some reserved tables (pay if only we use it.)

    I have the same problem with JT. During my wedding dinner, there were more than 80% my parents’ friends that I also have no clue who they are. There were about 60 tables and I only managed to go alone to thank my own friends and colleagues and hubby went alone to thank his friends. No yam seng from table to table because we don’t have the time and actually don’t like it too, cos we really don’t know them. hahaha…

    It is better to have a simple one with family and the wedding couple’s friends, like JT has mentioned. My parents actually encourage us not to have the dinner instead just go honeymoon. The traditional wedding really takes much time and money.

  4. choonie – Yalor, if parents got a lot of friends type, very susah one. But I foresee next time, I sure cincai cincai, save cost type of parent.

    JT – My wedding, I only invite colleagues mostly because I got few relatives only. Invite colleagues can make profit one, invite relatives bankrupt one. Cos hor, like my family, all six of us. If the banquet table is RM1,000, we sure cannot afford RM600 angpow so big. So, the host must tanggung the balance.

    Momo – Now that you mentioned it, ya hor. My table only my family and my hubby’s bro. So, seven of us, less my little boy who doesn’t eat much, we sapu clean every dishes. I like those caterers also, their foods very unique and nice. But I hate those halls with bad aircond and sound system. Can go deaf type if you sit in front of the speakers and the Ah Peks and Ah Pohs and their endless k.o.k. bad singing. As for the fishes, we found it soooooo funny lor. We laugh and laugh cannot stop.

  5. Those “kids” are all getting married now when we were getting married or attending weddings. They were just little boys and girls running around(as usual) in wedding restaurants and now it’s their turn. How time flies! The younger generations are all coming up now…….all the best to them though!
    But I guess these 2(the newly weds) have aunty’s like 5xmom to “guide” them loh……ha, ha, ha

  6. forgot to say ah… were many tables left ‘unopened’? we sent out a stamped RSVP card with our invitations and everyone returned, oh well….most did, and stated how many seats were allocated to each invite. Easier to plan this way and minimise wastage. the open house concept no longer works when each table costs so much nowadays.

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  7. Its always a beautiful wedding no matter how much effort & $$ put into it. I got to know that my ex got married this morning with all the cars honking heartbreaking for me.

  8. Ayo….. your eldest son looks so much like you in the last picture. Sebijik semacam. Ang-ku in. They say son who looks like mother “ho miar” wor. 🙂

  9. This ballroom reminds me of my own wedding ballroom, but the wedding dinner only RM400++ per table?? We paid SGD800+++ for ours and that is quite average for a hotel banquet in SG here, the more “high class” one can go up to SGD1000++ per table. Too bad Hubby not Malaysian or else we can save a lot on wedding expenses, LOL.

  10. I really love all the wedding photos, so heavenly nice! Mine was urgh!!! Like JT said, mmine was like 98% of the guests were my parent’s friends. Lots of VIPs and CM’s family came too but I had to foot the whole wedding by myself… Bah!

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  11. Twilight – I think the reason is the official, hired wedding photographer tend to take the ‘posing posing’ photos whereas kacang putih amatuers like me take the natural settings. I prefer the candid shots than those pose for photo type of pictures. People normally tensed up so their facial expression not so natural.

    Fortunekitty – The other day my nephew got married in Singapore at the Four Season Hotel. Wuah, two persons cost can foot a whole table for 10 here.

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