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More pics

The wedding vows was held at Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel. It is so beautiful, with swaying palms, blue sea, bright sunny day and a beautiful bride and handsome groom.



In case the men do not know, that is henna design with nailworks. *roll eyes* Most men will go, ‘Aiyer, your hands why got brown spots likedat?’


The wedding vows and ring exchange ceremony was done by the beach, under the bright sunshine.


The pastor from the Methodist church carried out the ceremony.


The bride in prayers.


I like this pic. So happy smiles.

13 Responses to “More pics”

  1. Nice………..

  2. I like the bride’s nails and hannah 🙂

    nicktay´s last blog post..Taken :- A review

  3. Nice pics! The couple is truly blessed with a relative like you that can double as ‘Tai Kam Cheh’ and wedding photographer too.

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..I love sleeping naked!

  4. last photo has to be the reaction to a distant voice > “I object to this marriage!’ …..:-)

    JT´s last blog post..Fishless Cycling

  5. Very very nice le. Can invite you to be Tai KaM Cheh cum photographer ar?

  6. lilian,

    A good OP must attempt to merge into the background so not to attract any attention, May I suggest you putting on a wedding gown for this very purpose!! LOFT

    which is your money shot?

    JT´s last blog post..Fishless Cycling

  7. Ah, sweet!

    Did our pastor friend go, “By the power vested in me…”? Love the setting. Tg Bungah beach, wait for me in 18 months! Lol..

  8. Julian – The pastor speaks Mandarin and I didn’t know he was already praying. Only after a while, I notice so I also stand diam-diam to pray along though I don’t know what he is saying. LOL. I only understand Amen.

    JT – I was so hassled, pressured, rushed, I don’t even have time to breath. The bride’s mom gave me a wrong time and the groom arrived before my hard-boiled egg. (they need an egg in the tea to be served to him). My little boy wear nice nice but missed the open door for angpow opportunity. Then, those bride’s cheemuis took forever to allow the groom in. Meanwhile, my #2 son who was at the other end of the island for a bike test called to fetch him. So hubby was breathing down my neck to scram after leaving the hard boiled egg(roll eyes, why didn’t they thought of asking the hotel to give them one!) but I refused cos I wanted to take a few shots of the ring exchange. So, I was like a headless chicken that went thiak thiak thiak without looking at aperture settings etc. Lucky I had the polarizer on or the shots will be most over exposed because the sun was so bright. Money shot? It was more like monkey shots.

  9. ccc – Actually, I wished they had asked me to help them with the wedding planning cos I like to watch for the tiny details. *self censor, not to say anything further*

    9pek9bo – I lagi kepoh with the hierarchy and relatives stuffs too. Hahaha. You know lah….touchy issues like when a son married to a Christian wife and those sensitive issues?

    Nick – It is so intricate and beautiful. She is an OT nurse.

    terence – coming from you, I think it is true lah. But I was in so much rush and a glaring hubby, I hardly care about composition and framing.

  10. Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel underwent renovation?
    I remember it was not like this wan. It looks a lot nicer and modern now. 🙂

    Bryan´s last blog post..WordPress 2.7.1 Released

  11. Weddings are a happy time. 😉

    The bride’s hands are decorated with henna? 🙂

    Best part of Penang is the beach where you can hold outdoor beach weddings. So romantic!!

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Had It Bad In Life? These Four Yorkshiremen Had It Worse…

  12. nice couple indeed! T___________T

    shun2u´s last blog post..Why Limit Your Options??

  13. Both the bride and groom really look good together. The location is lovely as well.

    I guess henna on the bride’s hands is quite unique for the Chinese but this is Malaysia 😉

    Adam´s last blog post..Snowfall in Coventry 09 – more pics