It sucks to wake up one hour earlier than my normal waking time of 8.10 am. It is only 7.20 am and so, I wonder….

If Najib who by tradition, the President of UMNO becomes the PM, then, who is going to be our DPM?

Everyone thinks it is going to be Muhyiddin Yassin but what if it is the M2Taib? They are in the race together, aren’t they? Whoa….

Then, between Khir Toyo, Khairy and Mukhriz, whom do you think is the less annoying and hence, deserves to win the Youth post? Mukhriz, of course. Because he is not as racist as the other two. But then, it is not people’s power but money power, so…..

I shouldn’t be thinking about things like these. I should be more concerned if I am going to cook fish or chicken today. Sawi or bayam? Not belacan or cincalok smells worse.

Good morning, folks and have a good day. My day will be good if the sun doesn’t shine and the whole day weather remains like this 8 am cooling, cloudy day. I have survived one week of crazy fetch, drop, pick, send sons and a sore-throat is felt but I am ‘willing’ it to go away and does not become a big flu. I made a pact with God. I told God, “Hey, not fair! You expect me to run in and out of hot sun, cold blasting aircond several times a day. I did that because it is my motherly duties. Then, God, don’t let me fall sick within a week or all my four kids will miss college, school and kindie unless they take a bus, bike and van. So, God, with Your Godly healing power, get these bugs out of my system. Amen!”