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It’s the blardy Stimass’s fault again

For the last two nights, the broadband speed has been awfully slow and I cannot even load my own blog admin page to write or do anything.

After a check with the Facebook gang, it is Streamyx’s fault. Lim Kit Siang ‘s blog system admin also posted about the same problem. I can access certain sites and not others.

Cilaka, tarak guna, super inefficient, super unreliable, always rosak Streamyx.

Where is my Wimax?

6 Responses to “It’s the blardy Stimass’s fault again”

  1. Thats why I was ‘missing’ for 2 days.

  2. Hi Lilian, is P1 Wimax up in Penang? I am thinking of giving them a try…

  3. No wonder I can’t access most of the sites, include this one. Streamyx really sucks big time!

    Choonie´s last blog post..Fairy Wish

  4. after reading this post of yours, i m convinced it is due to streamyx.. for the past few nites, i hv been blaming my son instead.. blaming his dota game.. causing the slowness in connection..

    claire´s last blog post..HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY…

  5. ya..ya!! screamyx has been acting up this past few days..!! It was totally sux!

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Eco-Solar Shades

  6. the P1 wimax has fair usage threshold for home users. sigh.

    Eric´s last blog post..Wireless@Penang no longer a dream (P1 W1MAX is here!)