Getting into trouble because of their blogs?

Do you know that Jed Yoong was called by the police to yum cha due to postings on her blog? Apparently, she took one fiery post and translated it, and put it on her blog.

So, some folks made police report that she menghina Raja eventhough it is NOT her post but a translated version of someone else post. See? I spell with capital letters, so I have no part in menghina anything, ok? I don’t have the guts of Jed Yoong nor the skill like her to dodge bullets.

Anyway, of late, I have been getting some weird comments. Normally, they put a Chinese name on the ‘Name’ section but their email has other languages. Therefore, I sniffed that they are troublemakers out to start a fire. From the IPs, I notice they are using the same one. As I also blog about Christianity and our issue with regards to the term Allah, I get even weirder comments. The same IP person will first support my views, then, the next Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will come with something controversial…and so on.

But pordah, I am made of chicken shit so I know when to shut up and when to talk. However, that doesn’t mean that I am not frustrated with the so-called loyal citizens who actually made a mascot out of the royalties. It pains me that these people actually acted like they are endorsed and well accepted by our Raja-Raja. It is sad that our Royalties are being ‘represented’ by such goons. Come on lah, like the king and sultans need their kepochiness. Doh….

…and to save myself the hassle of getting people tokking kok when I am not looking, I am disabling comment. See? I told you I am chicken shit, kehrng dou sei but damn pak kua…